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personal alarms

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mummybear25 Wed 07-Jan-15 22:16:45


Mum broke her leg a month ago and is due to come out of rehab shortly. We've had an AGE UK pendant alarm fitted (organised by the local Occupational Health team). When the pendant is pressed you communicate through a base unit to a 24hr call centre. However, we have some concerns as when she is in some parts of the house she won't be able to hear (or be heard by) the base unit. We're on a very steep learning curve with all this, are other systems available that give greater coverage throughout a house?

Many thanks


holeinmyheart Thu 08-Jan-15 19:46:45

I thought, if they can't communicate with the base because they have fallen etc, then the Paramedics come.
I have installed two for my elderly in Laws, and that's how they work. One fell out if bed recently and they were not near the base, and when the Control couldn't get a response, they came.
We have also fitted key safes.
An alarm system that only works if you are near the base is no good. I thought they all worked on the principle that if there is no response via relatives or by telephone then the Paramedics get called by the base operator.
Are you absolutely sure yours doesn't work like this as well ?

mummybear25 Fri 09-Jan-15 15:07:21

Sorry I wasn't very clear. It does HIMH, I guess we need to get used to the idea. I'm just worried that if Mum can't hear that the alarm has been raised then she will be worried that contact hasn't been made. Poor thing spent 2 hours crawling to phone to raise alarm last time; don't want her to be in that position again :-(

Thinking of getting her an SOS mobile too, particularly for when she starts to go out and about again. Key safe is also on the growing list of things to do before she's out of rehab!

holeinmyheart Fri 09-Jan-15 21:20:15

A soon as your DM presses the alarm which hopefully should be around her neck, the control will phone resident, no response ? Then phone relative, relative can't get there or no response, then they come.
They need a key safe to get into the house otherwise they will bash the door down.
When we set up our oldies we gave the Key safe number to the alarm people. We had no choice.

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