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Weak immune system + colds = Christmas scuppered

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PingPongBat Mon 22-Dec-14 23:32:26

Looks like my great plan for Christmas has been scuppered. We were all set to have mum here, we have a day bed set up for her, she will bring her own chair to sit in, she was looking forward to it, we would have been 8 at the table.

But today she had blood tests and has been told her immune system is weakened, so she has to avoid anyone with colds. Guess what, we have a house with teenagers who are at the end of colds, DH has a stinking cough and I have a sore throat and am feeling decidedly under the weather.

So unless we all make a miraculous recovery in 2 days, we won't be seeing mum & dad until well after Christmas. And they will spend Christmas on their own, just a mile away from us. Which is a total b*****d. Sorry. I'm just so upset. It's just so bloody unfair.

Needmoresleep Tue 23-Dec-14 09:11:34

Please rant away. And flowers

Can someone healthy organise Skype their end? But its still miserable, for you and your parents. I hope you all feel better soon.

PingPongBat Tue 23-Dec-14 09:53:12

Thanks NMS. Needed a rant and a good cry. DH was lovely last night and just listened while I swore at the world in general angryangry. And he's just brought me coffee in bed smile.

Skype is a good idea. I think dad wants to Skype his sisters in Australia so I'll talk to him about that.

DH is saying 'oh we may be better by Christmas Day' followed by sneezing and spluttering. Not convinced. I can see a scenario where my PILs go over but not anyone else. Which really grates on me as it's MY family, not theirs. I know that's unreasonable and petty-minded but all I can think of is why should they get the enjoyment and not me?

PingPongBat Tue 23-Dec-14 17:24:19

And now the day bed is broken and cannot be used, so unless we cart one of the children's beds downstairs she probably wouldn't come even if we are well. I could weep. I keep telling myself 'it's just another day'.

whataboutbob Tue 23-Dec-14 19:34:19

Really sorry PingPong. Sometimes no matter how hard you try...My motto for Christmas this year is Low Expectations. It'll just be about getting through it. Then any nice event is a bonus. I hope you get to spend some good time with your mum.

PingPongBat Tue 23-Dec-14 21:58:48

Thanks bob. It's a real rollercoaster ride this year. We've just had a lovely evening out with the PILs (aided by plenty of wine) and I'm feeling more mellow. MIL is being brilliantly supportive, as is DH. Despite the fact that I find my PILs annoying a lot of the time, I know she has a heart of gold and I need to see past the petty things that irritate me. Who knows what will happen - perhaps mum will make it for an hour or so, perhaps not.

I will do everything I can think of to make it happen <determined face>. But for the moment, more wine

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