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Personal alarm devices that direct link to emergency services and similar

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GoingToCalifornia Sun 30-Nov-14 20:19:10

After an initial outlay there's a monthly subscription cost.

It only works within the house.

Mum is frequently out and about, driving around in her car, picking up grandchildren from school and caring for them 5 days a week. She's on her own from 9pm through the night until her partner returns from night shifts.

Would you recommend a wireless personal alarm pendant? It states that you sound your alarm that connects through to a call centre, and if the call centre can't speak to you or get hold of your nominated key holders, they'll engage emergency services.

Will the ambulance service actually come out though just because a panic alarm's been pressed and nobody can get hold of the key holder?

I'm sure it gives peace of mind to wearer and family, but my Gran had the same device on a bracelet that alerted her sheltered housing warden, however it was never emergency services that turned up on the rare occassion they couldn't get hold of me, it was the on call night warden.

I'm also posting this on another board for traffic.

marne2 Sun 30-Nov-14 20:27:23

My grandad has a buzzer ( on a key ring type thing ) but it's linked to my dads phone, I'm not sure if you can link them too emergency services as they often get pressed by mistake. My grandad has managed to dial 999 a few times in a emergency as he carries a mobile phone on him.

Has she got a history of illness, she sounds reasonably healthy if she's capable of driving around and looking after the kids, I would just try and make sure she has a mobile phone on her and can phone you by pressing one number ( speed dial ).

bayrans Sun 30-Nov-14 20:32:53

What is the reason for the alarm? She sounds independent and mobile.

In my experience (I'm a paramedic) we regularly attend 'alarm button' calls, some pressed or activated in error. This is no problem of course, we don't mind attending these as it means that no one is ill or injured or unable to get up off of the floor that they've just fallen onto. There are occasions of misuse too - I've attended several 'emergencies' only to find that a lightbulb needs changing or the TV remote is out of reach. One had run out of tobacco!
I think it depends on the nature of why the pendent is needed and the care package as a whole as to weather emergency services are called or not.

SometimesSlummy Thu 11-Dec-14 15:36:00

dH'e elderly Nan has one of these but refuses to wear it as it annoys her. I've heard good things about the response rate to them but no good if your Mum doesn't see the need for it. sad

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