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The saga continues - trying to sort out money - ID for DF!!!

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drzeus Fri 31-Oct-14 12:07:26

I've posted in this topic a number of times and you've been great with your advice. So here is the next installment/question!

My DF has decided to join DM in her nursing home (which is a relief tbh). A room has become available and he's hoping to move next week. This opens up a number of issues (such as sorting out the house but that's another thread!).

I took him to his bank yesterday to close a savings account and move some funds around. They asked for ID - passport or driving licence. He has neither. He has just turned 89. The last time he went abroad was his honeymoon in 1959. He hasn't driven in 50 years, since leaving the army. He was recommended to apply for a passport (its free for those born before 1929), and all he had to do was "pop to the post office and they'd do the forms and pictures!" He can't get out much, so it's too much hassle to sort out a passport. We checked with their "acceptable forms of ID" and took a vast selection of ID with us. However, he wishes to register POA over my mother and has to make an appointment to do this. They will ask for ID. And so on........

I'm just about to email the branch with a list of his available ID.

Anyone had a similar problem in the past?

Needmoresleep Fri 31-Oct-14 14:07:26

I did. A bank sub-branch who knew my mother well, still demanded two forms of photo ID. And she had no ideas where her documents were kept.

I got round some of it by drafting letters for her to send to her bank. Then I eventually found her documents, plus the POA, in my favour, came through.

First is there scope to get your dad to set up a POA in your favour. If you are not listed as alternate on your mums POA I assume that a lawyer would be able to sort that one out. Then you only need to do everything once. Otherwise it sounds as if there would be an unholy mess if something happened to your dad.

On ID, is it best to check with the branch or their head office about the ID he will need. If from the Head Office get this in writing and ask them to inform the branch. Then take it in when you go to sort out the POA. If they still insist on a passport then you probably still need a passport, but I hope you would not.

Registering POAs is a pain.

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