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Moving parent to care home- how to tell them?

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1lov3comp5 Sun 26-Oct-14 13:11:59

My DM and her siblings have agreed that they are going to accept the care home placement they've been offered for my grandad. He has dementia and is at the stage where he can more or less care for himself day to day and is lucid more often than not but its not going to be long before living alone won't be an option.
Because he is aware of what's going on, they are dreading telling him about the move (gets quite aggressive sometimes) and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what/what not to say??

Penfold007 Sun 26-Oct-14 15:27:31

I take you your mum and aunts have power of attorney and so can make this decision on his behalf?

1lov3comp5 Sun 26-Oct-14 19:06:57

Penfold I imagine so, this has been going on a while and they had his name down in a few places but had no idea how long it would be before he was offered a place so they didn't do any 'prep work' with him.

twentyten Sat 01-Nov-14 10:14:43

Ask for help from care home or social worker. Could. You say it's just for a break? We did that with mil. Good luck

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