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Do Age Concern do a home visit?

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lollilou Sun 05-Oct-14 08:57:43

My Mum and Dad are 82 and 94 and are struggling at the moment with health issues. My Dad had a stroke last year leaving him weak and with impaired speech. My Mum has arthritis and needs a knee replacement.
I was wondering whether Age Concern would visit them at home to talk through some issues? Or should I try someone else. My Mum is a rather difficult person and anything I suggest she will not take it on board at all nor will she take much help offered by myself or my sister.

LIZS Sun 05-Oct-14 10:51:11

Local council may well have a services for the elderly department with outreach workers and volunteers who can visit.

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Sun 05-Oct-14 14:41:21

Their local Social Services Older Peoples Department have a duty to assess if a referral is made. If either of your parents is eligible for care, then that can be arranged through Social Services.

A decent social worker should have the knowledge to give information about other support and services in the area.

sxmscorpio Wed 08-Oct-14 06:08:08

As their GP if he could send a referral to Social Services for an assessment for support. Someone from social services will visit basically assess their needs. This gets them into the system and you can be signposted to any help, allowances or equipment needed.

lollilou Wed 08-Oct-14 16:26:38

Thank you. The doctor came yesterday and is sending an incontinence nurse and is referring to Social services. Just hope they can cope with my Mum! My sister and I have decided to be at the social services meeting to try and rein her in a bit.

sxmscorpio Wed 08-Oct-14 17:31:36

I know what you mean...I have had lots of cringe worthy moments with my Dad...but I think Social Services are accustomed to all sorts! Good luck!

SometimesSlummy Thu 11-Dec-14 15:40:13

Hope it goes well. I would like similar for DH's Nan but local social services say they can't do anything unless she asks them - I wonder if I should speak to her GP about a referral?

sxmscorpio Thu 11-Dec-14 18:03:49

Yes, if her GP does the referral, she will be in the system and things will start falling into place.

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