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Attendance Allowance for someone who has Alzheimer's

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Tensmumym Mon 03-Mar-14 10:27:16

My mum has attended a memory clinic and been given a probable diagnosis of Alzheimer's. They wanted to give her a brain scan but she refused but, based on the verbal tests they do, they have started her on Aricept. My sister visited Age UK for general advice and they said my mum would be entitled to Attendance Allowance. I was just wondering if anyone had ever applied for this and if the fact that she hasn't had a brain scan would prevent the allowance from being granted or if a letter from a doctor would suffice. TIA.

clio51 Mon 03-Mar-14 10:47:11

Yes my FIL was diagnosed last year, he did have brain scan though.
I think think it matters as a diagnoses is a diagnoses. He got low rate care, but things have gotten worse since then ie night time issues so his wife is putting in another claim. I would get all the evidence ie doctor, hospital etc to do a letter and send them with claim form(photocopy)

Does your mum attend any Alzheimer's groups? As my in laws do they have people there who will help you fill the form in, in all the right terminology.

Good luck

Tensmumym Mon 03-Mar-14 10:51:02

Thanks very much clio51. My mum doesn't attend any groups but it's a good tip.

Needmoresleep Mon 03-Mar-14 16:56:08

Hi there is a recent thread on applying for Attendance Allowance. Worth reading.

Rosy Sat 08-Mar-14 09:44:29

Hi Tensmumym - we were in the same stuation with my mum. The Dr at the memory clinic said that she'd never known a brain scan to tell her anything she didn't know about a diagnosis, so we didn't bother getting one, and as Clio says, a diagnosis is a diagnosis, with which it's easier to get financial and SS support. We applied for AA, got knocked back, then appealed and got the full amount - can't help feeling cynical that they do that to try and put people off claiming. Have you had a Social Work assessment yet? Even though my mum pays for her care herself, they're so supportive, helping us navigate our way through the system. Also, my mum goes to a day centre, which is a godsend - they pick her up in the morning and drop her back at teatime, give her a hot meal and provide activities. She lives on her own and we live a long way away. In her area she has to get referred there by the SS.

Tensmumym Tue 11-Mar-14 13:03:06

Thanks very much for all your responses.

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