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Want to say thank you

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macthecatsmum Thu 03-Oct-13 20:26:29

My DM is rapidly approaching the end of her life, palliative care is in place, the elephant in the room aka the morphine driver, is ready. I am as fine as i can be with it all. For the last ten years or so she has had excellent care from a lovely team of (paid) carers, who really do think the world of mum. i would really like to give them a small gift after mum goes to say thank you from us all-something more than flowers or chocolates. I thought about a nice pen each (as they are always looking for one) with a lovely letter, but i don't know. (she is also getting some night time care through Macmillan, so obvs a donation for them.)

onelifeonechance Fri 04-Oct-13 09:52:49

I think the pen sounds a really lovely and thoughtful idea, as someone who has worked in that sector I know how valuable a good pen is so i'm sure they would very much appreciate it. Just a tip in case you don't know that it would need to be black ink for medical records. That coupled with a letter expressing your thanks will mean the world to then i'm sure.

I hope the time you have left with your mum is peaceful, try and hold on to the thought that you are with her when she needs you most however hard that is, hope that brings some comfort. Take care flowers

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