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Seventies, ill, alcoholic moving ... What is best

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Gratuitous Wed 28-Aug-13 20:40:08

So parents are oldish, illish, limited mobility but doing ok in terms of memory, attitude and are not necessarily likely to deteriorate quickly. Currently in a house they can only just manage in and afford.

They want to future proof selves, should they sell and look to buy a retirement flat , warden controlled place or is renting better so they can move to suit circumstances ( and release equity...they have no spare cash) but what happens if the cash runs out? Are the % flat buys any good? They will do what I think best ( no pressure) so this is the start of me getting to grips with it all.

If mum died dad would move near me though she would stay put if he went, he is alcoholic but functional. They can't stay put as no cash to o the adaptations that would be needed, not a great place to live if you can't drive either and I don't think they will drive for much longer.

If anyone has any thoughts or experiences to share I would be grateful.

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