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Dad being made homeless

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RandomMess Sat 29-Dec-12 06:41:14

Age Concern would be a good information source I should think too.

MrsTerrysChocolateOrange Sat 29-Dec-12 06:35:09

Where are you? SS would be my starting point.

macfi Fri 28-Dec-12 20:21:50

Long story but I haven't had any contact with my dad for over twenty years when he left my mother for a much younger woman. He is 80 now and she has had enough and is kicking him out, the house is in her name, he is registered blind and has no where to go.

What are his options and what can we his family do? He needs a care home I would have thought but where do you start. I wouldn't wish this on a stranger so would like to help but he has only brought this on himself.

Some help please!

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