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Moving a relative in social housing to another part of country?

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DeGlitterBug Tue 25-Dec-12 20:41:13

I have an elderly relative who lives several hundred miles away in a cheaper part of the country ( housing wise). His health is deteriorating, and we're the only family. I would love him to move to be local to us so I can offer more support. With a large young family we can do very little from this distance. He is currently in a semi that used to be a council house, but was sold off to a private landlord whilst he was a tenant. It was another relative's council house for many years and he inherited the tenancy from her, so think this gives him some protection.

He doesn't have two pennies to rub together, and we aren't in a position to be able to help financially. He's survived on benefits for years, including housing benefit. Is there any way at all I could help him to move to where I live (practically speaking)? is that even possible for someone in his position? know nothing at all about the system. I can't imagine any kind of swap would be feasible because of the price differential. He would never be able to afford a private rent. Where would I start to try to find info? I imagine we'd be looking for a small flat (which will take some serious work to talk him into, but hopefully the benefit of being near us would outweigh his concerns about leaving his home, given enough persuasion).

Thanks for any help smile

exoticfruits Wed 26-Dec-12 19:11:24

I would pop into your local Age Concern office and ask advice- they are very helpful.

CMOTDibbler Wed 26-Dec-12 21:08:27

My grandparents were in a council house far from my parents, and when they admitted that their house was too much for them, the council local to my mum were incredibly helpful in finding them a one bed bungalow and sorting out the transfer, so well worth asking the housing office

Anifrangapani Wed 26-Dec-12 21:19:46

Speak to you local council (borough/city) housing department. Also check which housing associations are opperating in your area. Housing for the elderly is in short supply in most areas so it could be difficult for him to get a property. You don't say what level of care he needs. Is he dependent or does he need care support? However getting him onto the list is the first stage so get him onto the choice based letting system.

DeGlitterBug Thu 27-Dec-12 09:36:29

Thank you for the replies. This is really helpful.

He's not dependent (yet), thankfully. I am not sure exactly what level of supprt he should have, but am certain he's not getting what he needs right now. It is so hard being so far away and what I can tell is that from phoone calls he's finding it harder to cope and his mental state is't great either.

Age Concern, the Council and Housing Associations all sound like good places to start I can see I'm going to need to talk to some people rather than searching online.

What is a choice based letting system?

kaydee86 Mon 14-Jan-13 12:03:50

Ive been in this position only just last year, so hopefully may have a little insight

i'm not going to lie, moving via the council system can be tough - first step if its a council tenancy try this is a site for mutual council house exchanges. Otherwise you need to go to your borough council and fill in a housing application form. Also look for charities and housing asociations that have sheltered housing on their books. You need to be registered with the council for this though.

If he lives in private accommdation he can in theory just move to your area (after notice) althogh he would need referencing fees, first months deposit and rent. he would then apply for housing benefit when he moved in. Private over 60's accommdation is advertised through right move and may be something to consider

After applying via the council my granparents were placed in a low priority (even with disabilities) and we had no choice but to private rent in flats for the over 55's and top up some rent themselves.

They are very happy though and only 10 mins away now

Good luck!

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