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Gran with Alzeimers

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garden Fri 11-Jan-13 13:55:35

Hi.Have elderly mum with Alzheimers now in a care home, so have had similar experience. Ditto re getting in carers- good idea. Also she sounds eligible for attendance allowance- worth a phonecall- they will backdate it from the day you make the phonecall. PM me if you need any further info.

fabulousathome Mon 10-Dec-12 18:00:51

You need to get regular carers in to see her every day. They can gain access via a keysafe (little box with code to open which contains her door key) on the outside of her property.

This way you know she is checked on regularly and carers can have your number or a relatives to call if there is a problem. This will give you/your Mum peace of mind.

walkie Sun 09-Dec-12 11:46:02

Not sure if this is the right topic area for this. My gran (80) was diagnosed with Alzeimers a couple of yrs ago. In my opinion she has got steadily worse over the past year or so where she is now at the point were as of the past few days she is not eating and not getting out of bed. My mum (her daughter) is her only child, lives an hour away, and seems to be in some sort of denial that she is suffering anything other than old age. Gran is still living on her own, has a cleaner once a week and an elderly sister pop in a few times a week to see her, then close family 2-3 times a week for changing beds, shopping etc. She is safe - bathroom been made into accessible wet room etc, all electric, no gas in flat, but I'm not sure what other help she should be getting? She is increasingly vague, frightened and sometimes verbally aggressive. Any thoughts appreciated - I don't want to step on my mum's toes, but she has now said she is going on hols with partner in the new year, with no mention of getting proper support, but asking me to pop in (I am about 1.5hrs away - not a problem, but I think not a great solution?).

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