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Benefits advice re Elderley Father with Dementia

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underactivethyroidmum Sun 23-Sep-12 17:07:51

Please can someone give me some advice as I'm at my wits end.

My DF is now in a care home with dementia however he doesn't qualify for NHS care and therefore we have to pay towards his fees - his and DM savings are only £8000

Initially we were advised that his small private pension of £106 per week would be taken towards care home fees along wih his state pension. We then found out he hadn't claimed a state pension but he was recieving pension credit out of which he was repaying £30 per week for an overpayment of disability benefits from 2008.

We have now been told after applying and being granted a state pension that as he will no longer be entitled to pension credit my Mum will have to repay the £30 per week.

Mum only gets £146 per week as all the other money the council want to take towards my Dads care home fees.

This really is a nightmare - she has never had her own money or even thought about it and is struggling as it is to accept their situation.

Does anyone no if we can reduce the amount we pay towards care home fees by the £30 per week that we need to repay to the DWP ? Or does my mum have to just manage ?

Many Thanks

MrsSquirrel Sun 23-Sep-12 17:41:51

What a nightmare! I don't have an answer for you, but suggest you contact the Age UK advice line 0800 169 6565. This is the sort of thing they deal with all the time.

My FIL has dementia, though not in a home (yet). They have been very helpful to us.

gingeroots Thu 27-Sep-12 09:11:59

Exactly what MrsSquirrel said .
I've found Age Uk very helpful .

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