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Catchment Areas for Reigate Primary Schools

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LisaClapham Thu 16-Feb-12 12:19:28

We are moving from London to Reigate this year and I am trying to ensure that the house we buy is in the catchment for both Holmesdale Infant and Priory Junior schools. Both my dcs are pre school age (3 and 1).
Estate agents assure me that houses we look at are in catchment but I wondered if there is a way of checking that you are sure to get a place. I know that areas change year on year due to demand, sibling places etc, but want to put us in as good a position as possible as we cannot afford to privately educate them. Does anyone have any advice please. Is there a website I can look at, do I phone the school, the LEA? Many thanks

CustardCake Thu 16-Feb-12 13:05:24

You can only find out historical evidence. Nobody can tell you 100% that you will get a place at a certain school in 4 years time BUT historically Holmesdale catchment has gone out as far as 0.83km so to be safe you would want a house maybe 500m or 600m from the school gates.
Information here but again that's assuming no new housing is built even closer than that over the next few years.

Reigate Priory has gone out as far as 1.39km last year so you have a little more room there although nearly half the places go to siblings who have priority so some years that distance will increase or shrink

Info here
And again that assumes no other changes eg a housing development built close to the school or priority given to staff children (as is now allowed under the rules and some schools are starting to introduce it)

Basically you want to be as close as possible really and ideally halfway between the two schools as they aren't too far from each other. That's the same for all of London or Surrey though and hopefully the new house will be in the right area.

LisaClapham Thu 16-Feb-12 13:22:13

Thanks CustardCake. Good to see the evidence from previous years. Ideally yes we are looking at houses between the two schools, but we are yet to find something that works. We have an option near Holmesdale which may work for Priory - and is within the 1.39km from last year. It is a bit of a lottery I know, and always going to be an issue if new housing developments pop up near to the schools.

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