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Wimbledon High: Queens College; Emanuel; Francis Holland; City London Girls

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IDontMind Fri 02-Jul-10 11:04:22

We are looking at both state and private schools. Eldest daughter going into Year 5 at her state primary school so we have a good amount of time to get this right. However, does anyone have any up-to-date experience of the following private schools: Wimbledon High; Queens College (Harley St); Emanuel (Clapham Junction); Francis Holland (Sloane Sq); and City of London Girls (Barbican). I don't want a hothouse environment - there is more to life than academic achievement but I obviously want my daughters to reach their natural potential.

dinosaur Fri 02-Jul-10 11:09:30

Wimbledon High incredibly hard to get into and reputedly a very high pressure environment indeed.

We looked at City of London Boys for DS1 - we liked it very much, he did well enough in the exam to get an interview but didn't get a place sad.

mrsshackleton Fri 02-Jul-10 11:29:57

Those schools are very spread out geographically - which would be easiest for you/her to travel to?

You really need to look at the schools yourself and decide which vibe you prefer.

If you're targeting the more academic establishments find a tutor - you need to start tutoring beginning of yr 5 to pass the private school exams, so you may not have as much time as you think

kookies Sat 03-Jul-10 21:26:57

ok, basically:

wimbledon high: don't have a clue.

queens college: send if you want your kid to come out as a drug addict etc. not a good school, probably fun though.

emanuel: don't know.

francis holland: good school.

clsg: very academic girls don't usually socially flourish.

basildonbond Sat 03-Jul-10 21:55:09

have friends with dds at Wimbledon High and Emanuel

WH - pretty academic, not scarily so, friend's dd has just left, did v well academically and seems perfectly well adjusted, Wimbledon 'nice' place to spend time in too

Emanuel - I was distinctly underwhelmed when I went to look round for ds1 so crossed it off my shortlist, but have friend with one dd in y9 and just about to send second dd into y7 and is v happy with it. It's not as academic as other schools in the area - getting better though, however not in the same league as places like Alleyn's, St Paul's etc

no idea about the others on your list

londonartemis Sun 04-Jul-10 16:08:28

Local popular opinion is that Emanuel is very much improving, attracting applicants from well outside local area and that there is a 'higher achiever' wave of pupils working its way up through the school. Know of several parents very very satisfied with the teaching, ethos and development of their children. Didn't used to have a great academic reputation, and says it puts great store on selecting on other factors other than academic alone. More boys than girls at the school.

ruddynorah Sun 04-Jul-10 16:11:31

my mate went to queens college. she too said it was grin

LovelyDear Mon 05-Jul-10 00:43:25

city lgs is hothouse. i know someone who has chosen to take her child out and go elsewhere for 11+., even though she got a place at secondary school.

friends love emanuel.

MrsArchieTheInventor Mon 05-Jul-10 01:43:53

Gosh, here in the derriere area (aka arse end) of north Durham we only have two secondary schools to choose from, both of them average state secondary schools.

inasec Mon 04-Oct-10 13:06:24

i know so many girls who have left queens with a great education and confidence....... never met a junkie there!!
just well balance london young ladies!

milah Mon 04-Oct-10 13:20:20

i totally agree. Queens is a very good school -with well rounded, happy, confident girls who go on to very good universities.

horsemadmom Mon 04-Oct-10 14:11:39

We are very happy with CLSG. DD2 is dyslexic and they are great with her. Don't buy into the 'hothouse' hysteria. NLCS (DD1's school), St.P and CLSG only take girls who can thrive academically.As long as the parents don't pressure them, the girls usually cope very well. They need to know that they can't be the best at everything. If your DD can focus just on improving herself and you can accept that a few of her classmates will be true mad geniuses, DD will be fine.

CLSG has masses of extra-curricular stuff and the girls are very confident and articulate. I see a lot of smiley, happy girls there.

Panda272 Fri 15-Jul-11 09:49:14

Message withdrawn

100lilgreen Wed 19-Oct-11 22:57:46

What did you choose?

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