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Charlotte Sharman School & Walnut Tree Walk School in SE11 - any experience of either?

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Tanzie Tue 16-Aug-05 18:09:50

Or any other primary school in the vicinity? Please? Anyone?

flashingnose Tue 16-Aug-05 18:10:34

Are you moving back tanzie? (sorry, not my area so can't help with the schools)

Tanzie Tue 16-Aug-05 18:14:19

Looks like it

Unless the EU can find me an overpaid job!

flashingnose Tue 16-Aug-05 18:19:17

Sorry to hear that . Are you in Brussels then? (just remembered you were "somewhere in Europe")

Blu Tue 16-Aug-05 18:31:38

I know someone who has a child at Walnut Tree Walk and really likes it. I don't think it is a top performer in the league tables, but not 'bad' either, and parents and children seem to consider it a really lovely friendly little school. i hear lots of parents recommending it.

roisin Tue 16-Aug-05 18:37:02

Hi Tanzie! When are you moving back? What stage are you at? Have these schools got spaces? I hope you get suitable places for them without too much stress.

Tanzie Tue 16-Aug-05 19:59:40

Not due back for another year, but am thinking about schools already. Some of our neighbours sent their son to Walnut Tree Walk for a few years and were fairly pleased with it. Our other local is Archbishop Sumner and I've heard nothing good about it!

Am dreading coming back. Girls are so happy and settled here

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