Independent schools can become free schools

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RollaCoasta Sat 19-Jun-10 13:42:06

The following quote is FAQ on the Free Schools' section on the DoE website.

'.......Can an existing independent school become a Free School?
Yes. Independent schools can apply to become a Free School and become state-funded independent schools. These schools will need to meet the entry criteria – including an agreement that their admissions policy is in line with the Admissions Code, demonstrate they have a good record of success as an education provider and financial viability. Independent schools applying to become Free Schools will not be able to retain any existing academic selection admission arrangements......'

Does this mean that existing independent schools will be rushing to become 'free schools', in order to get government funding, and will then be able to waive all fees?

I really worry about this and wonder how many of the 'teachers' who have already made applications are from privately run institutions (ie are already 'education providers') and are just making a cynical application to acquire government funding. hmm

Someone please tell me that I have misunderstood.

Ladymuck Sat 19-Jun-10 14:05:38

Well it would effectively mean that it would no longer be an independent school. It is a way of allowing failing independent schools to become state schools. From memory, independent schools could previously apply for academy status under the previous Government, so I'm not sure that it is a huge change?

FWIW I don't think that there will be a huge wave of independent schools rushing to change - only those who were struggling for numbers in the first place.

JGBMum Sat 19-Jun-10 16:11:28

Also,I presume the amount they will be funded per pupil will be considerably lower than they charge in fees at the moment.

Cammelia Sat 19-Jun-10 16:19:28

I don't think many independent schools will be rushing towards this they will be unwilling to give up their selection criteria.

prh47bridge Sat 19-Jun-10 17:55:08

The fees charged by independent schools are typically at least twice as much as the government spends per pupil so I can't imagine that there will be a rush of independent schools wanting to convert. And as Ladymuck says they have been able to apply for academy status for some time so this is just a restatement of the existing position, not something new.

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