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Lunchbox ideas

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missd Tue 09-Aug-05 17:42:59

My dd1 starts school in Sept. She's a great eater at the mo, and they do relatively good school dinners. However I know if her friends start taking lunch boxes she'll want to. Has anyone got any good ideas for interesting lunch boxes?

Charlee Tue 09-Aug-05 17:44:28

I used to have the little tupperware boxes of pasta sala dor normal salad with bacon bits! they store well in tupperware boxes and you can get little ones to fit in lunch boxes.

missd Tue 09-Aug-05 17:47:38

Thanks, I was a bit concerned about giving her sandwiches every day. I don't want to turn her into a picky eater

Charlee Tue 09-Aug-05 17:49:51

you can do lots of things that are like sandwiches but not to add veriety, like pitta breads, crusty rolls.

then if you add youghurts, bunches of grapes, strawberrys she will get fruit aswell but yummy fruit!

madmarchhare Tue 09-Aug-05 17:51:46

carrott/cucumber /bread sticks and yummy dip.

missd Tue 09-Aug-05 18:02:22

mmmmmmm Sounds good, thanks. I had thought about some of that stuff, but again, peer pressure, I didn't want her to be the only one eating haelthy stuff. However it doesn't sound like he would be

loupylou Wed 10-Aug-05 20:14:52

What about sausage rolls, mini sausages and pork pies? Perhaps not every day but as an alternative.
I see the point about not wanting to single her out, but encourage her to tell the other kids to ask their mum's for some too. What about ryvita, or cheese and crackers?

Starmummy Fri 12-Aug-05 09:16:47


DS takes a lunchbox everyday, mainly so I could tell what he was eating. He's not a picky eater but I found he loved wraps. I let him make them at lunchtime himself. I packed a tupperware (matalan and Ikea do really cheap ones just the right size)with pepper strips, baby tomatoes,carrot strips, cucumber etc and then either some left over chicken or whatever from the night before or a single boursin cheese (5 for a pound). All the other kids think its great to get to make whatever they want. I freeze the juice or water so its all slushy by lunchtime, it also helps to keep the lunch cool.

DS also helps to prepare it the night before, always helps if they do it themselves. pasta salad is also good, using leftovers again.

sunnydelight Sun 14-Aug-05 15:47:43

i bought Annabel Karmel's "lunchboxes" book last year as I was running out of inspiration for packed lunchesx2 and it has some good ideas. Try your local library for it to see if it's worth buying. My boys' favourite is smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, but they definitely don't get those every day!

Gobbledigook Sun 14-Aug-05 16:03:17

I've never got too overexcited about this variety business - after all, I eat practically the same breakfast and lunch everyday! Here's what I put in the ds's lunch box

Wholemeal bread/rolls with cheese, ham, jam, marmalade, cheese spread

Pot of grapes
Pot of strawberries

Cubes of cheese

Yoghurt/fromage frais

Scone or muffin

School bar (a bit sugar laden but hey!), penguin, breakaway type biscuit

Low fat crisps, pack of animal biscuits or iced gems for a treat

I don't put all these in obviously - alternate and only really put a chocolately thing in once or twice a week.

I don't think mine would bother eating a pasta salad or something but I could be wrong - suppose I could try it.

Tanzie Mon 15-Aug-05 21:39:52

Mine don't do variety. They like one thing for weeks and then hate it and we move on. So:
tuna sandwiches, ham, salami, cheese, marmite, pate and then back to tuna.

Piece of fruit, yog and juice or milk drink.

Dull dull dull...

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