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Montessori again...

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Lmccrean Sat 06-Aug-05 15:40:28

Are there any MNetter Montessori teachers here, or know anyone who they could ask about this? I have no idea what course to do - there is a lot, varying greatly in price, but of course, I need it to be useful and make me employable


thats only a very small number of them ...soo confused.

mumtosomeone Sat 06-Aug-05 15:48:46

why dont you contact your local montessori nursery? ask them what qualifications they accept?

Lmccrean Sat 06-Aug-05 17:02:36

I have emailed a few nurseries today. A lot of web sites seem to indicate AMI one, but it would mean moving dd (2) to England or Dublin, and as a single mum, I find that terribly daunting. I was hoping someone here could give me a personal account - what they did and how easily they were employed. Did they have any other training other than the Montessori teacher training?

koo Sat 06-Aug-05 17:09:16

Message withdrawn

mumtosomeone Sat 06-Aug-05 17:13:20

worked at a montesorri and there was only one trained montesorri staff member!!!

Lmccrean Sat 06-Aug-05 17:18:02

was just looking at a website, there are no trained montessori teachers at all, but they do have montessori toys, and call themselves "Sunflowers Montessori Nursery Group"

Lmccrean Sat 06-Aug-05 17:18:21

ooops, maybe shouldnt have put in their name

Lmccrean Sat 06-Aug-05 17:22:20

koo, do you mind me asking do you make much more being trained in Montessori practices, compared to traditional nursery nurses?

There is only one Montessori nursery in all of NI too - need to phone them this week as they have no email.

koo Sat 06-Aug-05 20:20:56

Message withdrawn

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