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Taxes on holiday ?

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Earlybird Thu 04-Aug-05 13:17:28

For those of us who can't quite believe how much it costs to get our kids ready for school, here's a new idea. I'm in America at the moment, and have just read a news story on how nine states have a sales tax break planned for parents preparing their children for going back to school.

During the designated period (sometimes as short as a weekend, sometimes as long as a week) there is no sales tax (VAT) charged on children's clothing, children's shoes, modestly priced computers, (also software, speakers and accessories within a certain price range so they're clearly not for business use), school supplies (pens, notesbooks, etc), certain ranges of art supplies/backpacks/lunchboxes, maps, globes, calculators, etc.

Retailers support the idea because they think it will provide a sales boost, politicians like it because they think they're helping parents/citizens with a short term tax cut, and parents like it because it doesn't cost as much to get ready for school.

Sounds a great idea to me, and an excellent way to give parents a helping hand. Maybe this is one idea our politicians will adopt from the yanks!

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