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thought this looked good

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mandyc66 Sun 31-Jul-05 22:23:22

Just found this site not really checked it out but on first look thought it could be fun!!!
What do you think?

mandyc66 Sun 31-Jul-05 22:34:46

this one too!!!

mrsdil Mon 01-Aug-05 12:46:34

I use which is good.

happymerryberries Mon 01-Aug-05 12:48:31

I have used it to produce work for kids in class, labeling pars of the body etc. It is very useful and 'sound'

mummyhill Tue 02-Aug-05 11:23:46

wow just had a look at dltk got some great ideas to use at moms and tots thank you. do enchanted learning still charge?

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