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Finding a nursery/school - where do i start??

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Lizita Sun 31-Jul-05 14:40:25

dd is only just turning 2 but I am starting to think about sending her to nursery when she is 3. When should I be looking into it properly and putting her name down? and where do i look and where do i start??? I would prefer if she went to a nursery already attached to a school. I live in London, and I have no idea about catchment areas or where to even find out what my catchment area is. Do i have to trawl through all those Ofsted reports? Help!!

Ameriscot2005 Sun 31-Jul-05 14:48:41

Why don't you start by investigating the schools closest to your house. If you find one you like, then worry about the catchment area and OFSTED report then.

Lonelymum Sun 31-Jul-05 14:49:05

Ring up your local borough or the neighbouring ones too if you are on the border with other boroughs, and ask them for their book listing all their schools. Then you will have to look up reports on Ofsted ( and should visit a shortlist of schools.

You could try asking neighbours/etc which school their children go to and what they think of it.

Which borough are you in?

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