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Galore Park French - what should I buy?

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gramercy Sun 25-Apr-10 17:37:47

Ds (Year 7) is moving at a snail's pace in French. This week's homework was "Design a poster of French town". Grrrr. Bloody posters. He even had to do one in maths this week. Maths! If nothing else, we are going to produce a generation of expert poster makers.

So, I have decided to wade in and do some supplementary stuff at home, and I see quite a few people have recommended Galore Park.

However, what do I buy? They have quite a range of books so I wonder if anyone could recommend specifically what is the best purchase. Do I need to buy all three books of each stage (££££ fear emoticon) or not?


FingonTheValiant Sun 25-Apr-10 18:03:33

Hi Gramercy. I just ran this past dh, who is a secondary French teacher, and he suggested that you have a look at the BBC languages pages online before shelling out. They have some French lessons for Yr 6, which might be worth a recap if they haven't covered much at all yet here.

They also have some GCSE bitesize stuff, which is higher levels, but with a bit of help he could probably work through some of the foundation level stuff here

They also have a beginner course for adults, which starts very basic, but it is more grown up some I'm not sure it would appeal.

Dh often suggests these to people as he thinks children that age often like using the computer more than they like using books.

Sorry that's not an answer to your actual question, but it might help a little.

Caoimhe Sun 25-Apr-10 18:07:07

Ds has a book called "Skeleton French" which is fantastic at explaining grammar.

On a simpler level we also have the CGP KS3 French study guide (bought from Amazon) plus the workbook.

Tinuviel Sun 25-Apr-10 18:08:33

Hi Gramercy,
what you need will depend on how good your French is! You could just buy the Pupil's Book and see how you get on. There are no 'exercises' on the CD as such, just all the dialogues from the book (that is the weak point in it IMHO, which they have rectified in the Spanish book).

I am an MFL teacher (2 days) and a home edder the other 3 (at weekends I turn into a blob grin) and I use GP with a small home ed group of 8 children. I bought the CD for book 1 but haven't bothered for book 2 - we are using the dialogues for reading aloud practice to improve pronunciation. When I want a listening, I 'borrow' it from school resources on my laptop!

The only time I needed the answer book was when they did some anagrams and I couldn't figure one of them out! It turned out to be a word that wasn't in the book and it suggested pupils might need some help! Fortunately one of the other mums had bought the answer book for marking their homework!

gramercy Mon 26-Apr-10 09:15:43


I guess I would need the answer book. My French is reasonable, but very rusty. I can remember all the basics, but need to brush up on the twiddly bits.

stcath Tue 21-Jul-15 22:50:02

I am looking for the French Galore park Book 2 ASSESSMENT CD/AUDIO. It is no longer sold or produced. Can any one help please?

CamelHump Thu 23-Jul-15 13:04:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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