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Vicar wants to send his dd to private school even though he is the Governor of lovely inner city school

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iamnotaprincess Tue 20-Apr-10 19:18:18

I am really disappointed and angry about this. Ds goes to a CoE primary school here in inner city London. We were all expecting the vicar, school governor, to send his dd to the school, but no, apparently he is thinking of sending her privately. I feel outraged. It is a good school, very inner city, but a good school, the children in ds' class are thriving. How dare he? And he is a vicar!

Thediaryofanobody Tue 20-Apr-10 19:21:56

It's got nothing to do with you, I'm sure the decision would have been based on what he felt was best for his daughter as a father and not as the local vicar.
Plus there could be a lot of difficulties for her due to her fathers connections to the school.

Alouiseg Tue 20-Apr-10 19:25:29

You have very right to feel aggrieved princess, however he is a man of the church and as we all know they tend to have a monopoly on hypocrisy.

He is obviously a superior enough being to tell the C of E school how to run their business without actually having to put his dd in with the riff raff.

Make a complaint to the diocese or the Board of Governers.

Janestillhere Tue 20-Apr-10 19:25:59

I agree with the Diary, it really has nothing to do with us. It isn't our child!

My local vicar (CofE) has sent his eldest DD to the local Catholic high.

Parishioners are shock


maxpower Tue 20-Apr-10 19:27:51

Well that makes a change. Normally it's people complaining that people in these respected positions, who can afford private education are 'stealing' good LA school places from local children.

scurryfunge Tue 20-Apr-10 19:31:36

Maybe he feels intimidated by such good school and feels his child might not cope.

Pronoia Tue 20-Apr-10 19:33:33

Privileged people only support the idea of state schools until their eldest child reaches four years old

SethStarkaddersMum Tue 20-Apr-10 19:36:05

how extraordinary that the OP thinks it is any of her business!
The dh of a friend of mine is a vicar and she has said one of the hardest things about it is the way they feel like their lives are public property in the parish. Hadn't realised people were judging on that kind of thing as well.

MmeBlueberry Tue 20-Apr-10 19:38:58

My vicar's four children have all been through the private system. Their schools have all offered larger fee remissions for clergy.

I don't think clergy are immune from wanting the best for their children.

Hulababy Tue 20-Apr-10 19:40:57

Was does the fact that he is a vicar mean he shouldn't use the independent sector if that is what he feels is best for him and his family at this time? not sure why his role as a vicar is relevant TBH.

Many independent schools are afflicated to churches too, not just state schools.

Hulababy Tue 20-Apr-10 19:42:02

"Add message | Report | Contact poster By Pronoia Tue 20-Apr-10 19:33:33
Privileged people only support the idea of state schools until their eldest child reaches four years old "

hmm Is that so?

bran Tue 20-Apr-10 19:42:02

I imagine it's part of his job description to be on the board of governors. YABU to expect his employer (the church) to insist that he parents his children in any particular way.

It's none of your business and YABU and a little weird to be "outraged", do you over-react to things a lot <braces for torrent of outrage from OP grin>.

iamnotaprincess Tue 20-Apr-10 19:42:35

Lol at not coping because it is such a good school!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or at the dd potentially having problems because the dad is the vicar. Then he could send her to another local state school. But private! When most people around here are bloody struggling, with his bloody sermons about supporting the community, helping the poor, living together iwth understanding, praising the children for how well they are doing, but, obviously not good enough for her dd. It looks really bad, it says something about his beliefs, it says something about how he perceives his status in the community... I am sure that Jesus did not believe in private schools anyway.

Pronoia Tue 20-Apr-10 19:43:46

It's his role as a governor of a school that calls into question his loyalties.

Clearly he thinks the school he helps to run is well run, or he'd do something about it? SO he must be putting his daughter into private school to avoid the other pupils.

the vicar is either a shit governor and knows it, or he's a snob.

annh Tue 20-Apr-10 19:44:06

Why shouldn't he send his daughter where he wishes to? What kind of Governor is he at the school and did he have any choice in the matter? At our local Catholic school, the priest HAS to be a member of the Governing Body. Anyway, what do you mean he is "thinking" about sending her private - is this according to him or to the local school-gate mafia? And finally, will his decision in any way affect your child's education or the way you feel about the school?

bran Tue 20-Apr-10 19:44:29

I just sprayed tea on the keyboard at "I am sure that Jesus did not believe in private schools". That's the funniest thing I've read this month. grin

bran Tue 20-Apr-10 19:45:10

Have you mentioned Jesus's views on private education to the vicar? grin

Janestillhere Tue 20-Apr-10 19:46:49

You seem to be getting in abit of a state about something that, in the grand scheme of things, is really nothing to do with you.

You would be up on your high horse if he criticised your decisions re: your child/children?

scurryfunge Tue 20-Apr-10 19:48:05

Iamnotaprincess, I was teasing! Of course it's hypocritical of him....the school is clearly not good enough for his child but good enough for everyone elses

MmeBlueberry Tue 20-Apr-10 19:53:11

How is he a hypocrite?

Maybe he is simply boycotting his local state schools because of their crapness?

Next step is cutting up his dog collar until the schools improve.

iamnotaprincess Tue 20-Apr-10 19:53:17

lol at being a shit vicar!

Do most of you send your kids to private schools then? grin

iamnotaprincess Tue 20-Apr-10 19:55:27

But the schools are not crap, kids do well, but they are full of black and white working class families. Maybe he is a snob? confused Racist? shock

MaryBS Tue 20-Apr-10 20:00:34

Is he a foundation governor at the school? He might not have much choice in being governor then.

But I do think he should be allowed to choose where he sends his children to school. I have to agree (am a minister but not a vicar), its a bit like living in a goldfish bowl. You get judged for everything, even down to where you shop and what you buy at your local supermarket!

brogan2 Tue 20-Apr-10 20:04:27

Well I teach in a state school and am a teacher governor there. It's not my catchment school but even if it were, I'd still be using the private sector.

That decision in no way compromises my complete commitment either to my teaching position or my role as a governor. I work damn hard for the school in every way possible.

However, as a parent, I am fortunate enough to have a choice and I choose the private sector.

iamnotaprincess Tue 20-Apr-10 20:06:58

And becoming a vicar is not a career is a vocation, a calling. You do it because you care for the souls of the community, you are there to help and represent Christ in the community.

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