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Parents of children in primary school...........Do you get given their books and work to keep?

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RTKangaMummy Tue 19-Jul-05 11:00:41

Parents of children in primary school

Do you get given their books and work to keep?

I realise that some of you would only throw the stuff from school away

BUT what about the ones who would want to keep some of it for the future to look back at and compare how your child has improved with stories or pictures etc.

Do any of you have the option to keep work from school?

If so, has it been given to you at the end of each year or at the end of primary?

Did you have to ask for it or was it just given to you {or your child}?


starlover Tue 19-Jul-05 11:01:13

i have all mine from primary school!

Puff Tue 19-Jul-05 11:03:12

We would give parents all of their childrens work at the end of each year, only exception to this was pieces of work that we used in assessing children's progress, which would remain on file at school, but parents could have copies of these if they wished.

SleepyJess Tue 19-Jul-05 11:04:09

I keep all their work that gets given to them to bring home at the ends of terms.. but then I have a house full of clutter! I have had to occasionally start 'losing' a few of the day to day pictures.. DD creates so many per day! I hate doing it.. .. but they is just no space for everything! I make up for it a bit though I hope by displaying all their 'best' creations all over the kitchen. Saves decorating.. it badly needs it!

tamum Tue 19-Jul-05 11:06:04

Always given absolutely everything at the end of the year, like it or not!

wordsmith Tue 19-Jul-05 11:06:26

I've been given piles of pictures and stuff this week to take home. All the stuff that has been on display/in DS1's folder throughtout reception year. Yes I will keep some of it but tbh some of it may get 'lost'....

RTKangaMummy Tue 19-Jul-05 11:17:29

We have not been given stuff from DS he is in class 5

I have been thinking that it goes up with him cos some of his books have stuff from class 4 in

We have been given stuff that has been on the wall and models etc.

But his books have not come home

We have got a meeting with the teacher this afternoon and we are going to ask if we can have it.

I realise that some parents would just throw it away but I would have been liked to have been given the choice to do this but it seems like the school may have thrown it away

DH asked a parent of a girl that had left last year and she seemed to have not thought about it BUT had not been given it all at the end of year 6.

I hate the idea that these children do years of work and then the school throw it all away.

If the parents want to do that then fine and ok

But why not give them the choice?

bee3 Tue 19-Jul-05 12:22:19

Sometimes books are passed on up to the next class (useful tool for the next teacher, especially if they contain detailed marking and targets, as the books then form part of the passover record/assessment IYSWIM).

Some schools like to keep the books for a while because OFSTED inspectors always need to see a selection of work from previous terms/years.

I think many schools also collect samples of work each year, which go into a special book which shows progress from R - Y6. Children are usually given this as part of their leaving celebrations.

I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be given some of your ds' work, if it doesn't fall into any of the categories above, although I think that you have no right to demand it, as legally it is the property of the school, not your ds.

I would simply say that it would be really good to have some stuff to take home, as you want to be able to talk about the year with your son in a positive way, and show him how much he's progressed, and keep things in a memory book for when he's older. See what they say. HTH

RTKangaMummy Tue 19-Jul-05 12:30:22

Yes some of his books like RE have continued working in from class 4 into class 5 etc

We have got stuff from reception

I know that I am being really silly and emotional about this

They have just been OFSTEDed a few weeks ago.

I just think it is really sad that DS and all the other children have written all these stories and that they have been thrown away

OK if the school want to keep them I don't mind that and I do understand that some parents are not such an emotional wreck as me but if the school are going to throw them away then I think they ought to be sent home so that we can decide if we want to keep them or throw them away. IYSWIM.

NomDePlume Tue 19-Jul-05 12:31:40

We had all the stuff from the year, but there is soooooooooooooooooooooo much that we mostly just chuck it in the recycling.

<bad mummy siren blaring>

RTKangaMummy Tue 19-Jul-05 12:35:10

NDP I know lots of parents will be doing that

and that is ok

I don't think you are a <<bad mummy>>

I just wish I was given the choice

spidermama Tue 19-Jul-05 12:36:44

My dd came home with a huge amount of school work the other day and I had to spend ages going through it, keeping the best bits, and putting the rest in the recycle.

To tell you the truth though, I resented it.
90% of it was obviously not for keeping (colouring, worksheets, sums etc.) and I think the school should filter this stuff.

I've got four children and there's plenty of stuff to clear out at home. I shouldn't have to do the school stuff to IMO.

Oooooh! You'll notice this touched a nerve.

MarsLady Tue 19-Jul-05 12:36:55

yes. I bin most of it. I take out a few "special" lokking bits to put in their memory boxes and chuck the rest as soon as

tamum Tue 19-Jul-05 12:38:25

I agree spidermama- there is so much to go through, and most of it is obviously not going to be wanted (workbooks where they've filled in missing words, stuff like that). It is a shame not to be given a chance to keep creative writing and things like that though RTKM, I agree.

RTKangaMummy Tue 19-Jul-05 12:47:51

Yes I see your point about sending home scraps of paper etc. x 100

And I can see that, if you have 4 children it will get a bit too much

But it is the stories and art work that DS has done that I would like to keep

And this is mostly contained in two or three books per year

I am going to get DH to ask before or after the meeting this afternoon cos I know I will end up crying if they say they have thrown the whole lot away.

I do realise that I am being very silly btw.

Berries Tue 19-Jul-05 12:49:16

We get all their workbooks at the end of each year. We keep all their books, and filter the 'day to day' stuff that comes home (pictures, specific worksheets etc). Find it useful to see progress, interesting to read the stories and can compare dd1 & dd2 (but keep that one quiet when dds are there!)

NomDePlume Tue 19-Jul-05 12:50:14

I think it's a case of laziness on the school's part too, spidermama. It's just another case of 'we cant be arsed, let the parents sort it' .

mandyc66 Tue 19-Jul-05 13:05:21

we seem to get books from this year at end of next year.

kid Tue 19-Jul-05 13:08:43

We are given books, folders and worksheets at hthe end of year. The only book we don't get is the art book which goes up to the next year with them. We will eventually get it when they leave the school though.

I keep all of DD's books and any other piece af work I really like. I haven't got the space to keep everything so I pass the rest to her nan and she keeps it all!

DS starts in September so I will have double the amount of books and paper!

emkana Tue 19-Jul-05 13:12:55

NdP and spidermama, I think accusing the school of "laziness" and "can't be arsed" is rather harsh. Believe me, teachers have lots and lots and lots of other things to do apart from separating the good and the bad from your child's output!

kid Tue 19-Jul-05 13:15:52

Maybe NdP and spidermama would like to volunteer at the school to help sort out the work for all the children just so you can see just how much the staff already have to do. I don't think its laziness at all.

I like to see what my child has been doing whilst as school, good and bad work.

Puff Tue 19-Jul-05 14:38:59

Crikey, sending children's work home was not due to laziness on my part, or any other teacher I've worked with.

What we sent home was an extremely well organised, chronological record of what children had been doing in school over the year.

RTKangaMummy Tue 19-Jul-05 14:41:51

Puff can you think of any reason why they haven't sent home DS work?

Puff Tue 19-Jul-05 14:48:36

Kanga, I'm not sure.

We would always pass on any unfinished exercise books to the next teacher, so the child could carry on and finish the book (lots of wastage of paper otherwise).

Also, we would pass on a file of "assessed" work, to the next teacher which would give them an overview of how a child had progressed during the academic year.

Otherwise, everything else went home.

RTKangaMummy Tue 19-Jul-05 14:54:56

yes the excerise books deffo go up with him if they are not finished

I am feeling awful about this, thinking that all of those stories he wrote during his time at the school have been thrown away

At least we will hopefully be able to save this year ones

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