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Does your child's school send reading books home for the holidays?

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Joley Mon 18-Jul-05 17:26:59

Does your child's school send reading books home for the holidays?

DS1 who is in reception has come home today without his reading book as it has been collected in for the holidays.

I sent a note in last week asking if he could have a supply of books sent home to read with him over the holidays as I didn't want him to get out of the habit of reading and he enjoys it.

The note has been removed but up to now, there has been no response. DS1 is on the Oxford Reading Tree level 2. He gets one book a week and after the first read, when he sounds out a couple of words, he tends to read the book all the way through without getting stuck. He says he's the only one in the class at that level (the rest are below him). I honestly think he could cope with something harder but wonder if he's being held back because of the other children.

I need to check with the teacher if that's right and ask her if she read my request, but just wondered if anyone else has books in the holidays or is it better that they have a break and start afresh in September?

What level is your child on at the end of Reception class?

nutcracker Mon 18-Jul-05 17:32:17

Dd2 is in reception and has handed all her books in too, as has Dd1 who is in yr 2.

I don't think they will give you any to read over the hols. Why not have a look in the library for some ???

Joley Mon 18-Jul-05 17:35:39

Thanks Nutcracker. If that's the norm then I won't push it.

We do go to the library regularly but I need to get DS1 to read the library books. As he's been going since he was little, he seems to think it's my job to read library books but is keen to read reading books from school as he knows that's what they are for.

I just need to be a bit more persuasive!

vwvic Mon 18-Jul-05 17:38:08

Our school expects that you go to the library. They feel it's very important that children get the experience of choosing books for themselves and read for fun, not for schoolwork.

Our school also doesn't give ORT books in reception. The children are introduced to the characters, and I think they read the introductory books as a class. It seems to work really well- at the end of yr1, dd1 has finished level11 and has offically "finished" the scheme. She now read chapter books like Roald Dahl etc. Most children are on at least level7, with some higher.

Why don't you see if your library is running a reading scheme?

Fio2 Mon 18-Jul-05 17:41:33


Joley Mon 18-Jul-05 17:41:48

Good idea about the reading scheme, this will encourage DS1 to read the books himself. I'll check next time we're there.

soapbox Mon 18-Jul-05 17:44:11

I asked for some and got sent home with a huge bundle of them!

DS loves doing his reading and keeping him going seemed to be a good idea.

Why don't you talk to the teacher?

spidermama Mon 18-Jul-05 17:46:38

They have to count all the books and order more etc. My kids have had to hand everything back in now. It'll give me motivation to get down the library.

kama Mon 18-Jul-05 17:49:35

Message withdrawn

Joley Mon 18-Jul-05 17:49:56

The only problem with the library is thet DS1 chooses non fiction books. On his last visit, he borrowed books on Volcanos, Bugs, an atlas and dinosaurs.

I struggle with the dinosaur names so him reading them is impossible.

I need to gently steer him in the fiction direction next time!

Joley Mon 18-Jul-05 17:51:10

Thanks for the advice. I'll have a word with his teacher this week.

tamum Mon 18-Jul-05 17:53:33

No, never. Have you tried registering him for The Reading Voyage at your library? This made a huge difference to ds's voluntary reading when he was this age.

vwvic Mon 18-Jul-05 17:56:42

Joley- my dd's do the non fiction thing too! The legacy of improving phonic blends when trying to pronounce dinosaur names is quite amazing!

We have a four book rule for each child- two non ficton and two fiction. Obviously they get changed every week. It sounds hardline but works for us.

Enid Mon 18-Jul-05 18:26:44

not very mumsnet I know

but I bought 6 books from Stage 4 in John Lewis this weekend so dd1 has a bit of head start when she gets back (shes at the end of stage 3)

Enid Mon 18-Jul-05 18:28:03

tamum - all those books look too advanced for a reception child?

Enid Mon 18-Jul-05 18:29:26

i also bought some spelling workbooks

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