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Rosefairy Mon 18-Jul-05 12:37:51

Can anyone please tell me if it is really worth my while continuing with my NVQ 2 teaching assistant course. I have been a volunteer at a school for over 5yrs and recently missed out on an interview for a job, the reason given was it was over applied for post by graduates and undergraduates and people with relevant experience!! the post I have since heard has gone to a unexperienced P.A (shock). I was under the impression all heads were encouraged to employ qualified staff these days, or was this an isolated case at this particular school. I really enjoy my work at school but I would be even more pleased to get paid for it, its a job I really enjoy, but at the moment I don't know whether its worth carrying on trying for.

W0MBAT Mon 18-Jul-05 12:44:50

If it's something you would really like to do, then you should definitely continue your course. It will probably give you a better chance of getting an interview, and the more interviews, the more chance of getting a job.

Hope this helps.

ChocolateGirl Mon 18-Jul-05 18:53:28

That's very discouraging, Rosefairy, but I would not give up! I am doing the TA's course in September so I'm not in a position to say what your chances are of getting a job. Funny though that you're good enough to volunteer but not to employ... perhaps on this occasion there was just someone who was more suitable for whatver reason and your turn will come. I certainly hope so. If you carry on at least you will be in with a chance, whereas if you give up you will have no chance. You have my sympathy though - I would be well fed up in your situation.

Have you posted this message on the TES Staffroom site? Maybe somebody there would have some helpful comments.

Best of luck next time.

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