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Sherrardswood (Welwyn Garden City) - Your thoughts?

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Earplugs Wed 03-Mar-10 12:45:01

Hi, does anyone have any experience of Sherrardswood, near Welwyn Garden City?

We are considering it for our DS and have been on a visit but i'm, not quite sure about it for some reason (possibly because I don't have anything to compare it with).

It did have a nice family feel which is important to us and whilst the juniors do well, it doesn't feel too academically pressured which is also great.

The main juniors building however was somewhat 'shabby' and well, scruffy really and felt like it could do with some restoration work and a good refurb! Not what I was expecting to see.

I know the condition of the walls has very little to do with quality of the education but for some reason its left me feeling confused

Anyone have any opinions on it?

Earplugs Sat 13-Mar-10 22:43:27

Anyone around from Herts that has visited it at all? Thanks

shergar Thu 18-Mar-10 15:49:24

My daughter went to the nursery there, and I thought it was lovely when we toured Lockleys House contemplating sending her there after that too. The staff knew everyone (in all classes) by name, they were very inspiring to talk to, the food was great, and it had a really cosy feel (didn't look shabby to me, I have to say). The grounds are fabulous too, which I think is important for small children. In the end we were offered a place at a fantastic primary in WGC so took that up, but I know of others still there who are very happy with their choice.

lesleygirl76 Sun 18-Sep-16 21:15:27

I'm posting this in case anyone searches for opinions on Sherrardswood. I have two boys, one at Habs senior school and one at Sherrardswood senior school. I am constantly amazed at what a fantastic school Sherrardswood is. It is a lovely, kind, happy, supportive school with great teachers and small class sizes. It seems to be able to bring out the best in a child whatever his or her abilities, just as schools did in the days before league tables sent us all a bit mad. It was bought a couple of years ago by a company that owns a few schools. It is investing in improving the premises and equipment so that the school is continually improving and the lovely ethos of the school remains intact. If I had discovered Sherrardswood earlier I would have sent both my sons there. They are both getting a great education, but I suspect that it will be the one at Sherrardswood who looks back at his school days with the greatest fondness by far.

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