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Can anyone explain to me scoring of Year 5 NFER's please?

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FIMAC1 Sat 16-Jul-05 09:24:12

Sorry this is all new to me - hoping some teacher or parents will be able to explain dd's test results

She got 121 in standardised score for reading (5)
and 116 in maths (4b)

Writing was a 5

spelling standardised score was 118

Is this good/average?

We are thinking of putting her down for local Grammar school test in November but I don't know from this if she is scoring well or average.

Someone has told me that you need a 'VRQ of 115' to get through the test here, where do I get the VRQ results from? Is that the same as the NFER scores?

Thanks for any help

bumptobabies Sat 16-Jul-05 10:14:12

hello, all i know is that 4 and above is great
my daughter got 4 and 5 aswell this is only a mock test for next year so the chances are they will be 5s by then so im sure you will pass the grammer school test,where are you?

Rowlers Sat 16-Jul-05 10:45:06

NFER score of 100 is average so your dd is above average.
In our school (secondary although I don't think that matters) we also look for discrepancies between scores - e.g. 125 for one and 92 for another - as these can be a sign of a learning difficulty.
Your dd doesn't have this so not to worry there.
Our school also flags up scores over 130 as pupils who are potentially "gifted"

FIMAC1 Sat 16-Jul-05 12:19:11

Thanks - we are in Gloucestershire - apparently the marks for Grammar school passes are not set as high as in other Counties

sunnyside Sat 16-Jul-05 12:53:33

Yep just to agree with Rowlers from primary school end NFER are used in same way. Your DD is doing great. Give her a pat on the back!

FIMAC1 Sat 16-Jul-05 13:10:20

Thanks! She is going to get a treat today

Can anyone explain what a 'VQR' is though? Is this the same as the NFER, - and what does NFER stand for?!


Janh Sat 16-Jul-05 13:19:47

Is VRQ Verbal Reasoning something-beginning-with-Q? (Quotient maybe - IQ is Intelligence Quotient, isn't it?)

There is a table showing how scores are worked out - they start with a raw score and then adjust for actual age - I found it once by accident, I'll see if I can find the thread it's on.

Janh Sat 16-Jul-05 13:21:05

NFER is National Foundation for Educational Research - it'll be them who set the pape I think.

Janh Sat 16-Jul-05 13:29:29

Found the table here - it's actually about 11+ but principle is the same. As an example it says "For instance in North-West London in 2003 the minimum standardised score was said to be 124. This score will vary from year to year depending on number of applicants as well as the quality of applications for a particular school."

121 and 116 are good scores, and level 5 in Y5 is excellent, so she's certainly on track for passing, but there is always an element of chance depending how able the cohort is.

Janh Sat 16-Jul-05 13:33:02

Last from me, honest!

VRQ is Verbal Reasoning Quotient - not that I've ever been given a score for it alone - but if you have a look in the ads on the R of this google page you can get lots of lovely practice papers

FIMAC1 Sat 16-Jul-05 14:10:00

Thanks Jadh!

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