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what do I do - urgent delemma

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gothicmama Thu 14-Jul-05 07:05:54

DD is about to start school in Sept. we have duly been on 4 visits introductory visits to familarise children. DD found a friend and on the last visit even spoke to teh teacher (big moment for her) when i picked her up she had a letter stating teh school were going to run vertical classes year 1 and reception which on the whole sound positive . DD now has a different teacher as she in a different class do you think I should ring the school and see if she is with her friend (only met at school) or wait til after the extra visit tomorrow

pindy Thu 14-Jul-05 07:12:01

I would ring the school and ask if she is with the new friend. If she isn't, it gives you chance to prepare her and suggest that she might meet other new friends at the next visit.

Good luck, I'm sure she'll be OK whatever but I do remember that it is an anxious time, particularly for mums!

gothicmama Thu 14-Jul-05 07:20:39

that sounds good - sorry to be a pain this is all new to me who would I ask to speak to?

pindy Thu 14-Jul-05 07:34:24

Ask for the secretary and if she can't/wont help you then ask to speak to the headteacher and explain your concerns - I'm sure he/she will understand. Do not take "no I can't help" from the secretary - she does not have the right to make that decision. The head will be ok.

gothicmama Fri 15-Jul-05 18:24:13

thank you pindy just to update she is in a different class but dd seems ok about it all which is teh most important bit

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