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Learning to read - old thread?

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flatmouse Tue 12-Jul-05 12:25:54

I recall reading, and i thought participating in a thread a while back (possibly end 2004) relating to reading - it included some very useful posts by a teacher who explained the different approaches. A book was recommended which did a lesson a day and was said to be successful.

I have searched active and archived messages but cannot find the info - can anyone help please? Thread would be interesting to read - but the book title is my primary goal.


bee3 Tue 12-Jul-05 12:49:41

It could be this thread, or maybe this one ..... HTH

LunarSea Tue 12-Jul-05 12:56:20

flatmouse - was it this thread ? I think it was catflap who posted the info you are talking about, and the book was perhaps "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons". I've actually got a copy of this, and I know you're near me, so if you want to meet up some time I'll bring it along and you can have a look at it if you like.

flatmouse Tue 12-Jul-05 13:09:36

Thanks both - yes it was that thread LunarSea (the first one you suggest bee3).

So have you used the book? much success? DS is 5 (today!) and is doing OK at school with reading but i feel that for him to make real progress I need to put a decent amount of effort in. I struggle to do this normally with working FT - but was hoping to focus during the school hols. Am i correct in thinking it's about 30 mins per day?

LunarSea Tue 12-Jul-05 13:12:56

It's 20 mins a day flatmouse. tbh I haven't started doing it with him yet, as I've only just bought it and at the moment I'd rather ds spent these light evenings playing outside. We'll start it once it gets dark in the evenings again (he doesn't start school until 2006 anyway, so there's no rush).

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