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Sibford School, Banbury

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Flowertop Sun 31-Jan-10 12:20:16

Hi, just wondering if anyone has any feedback about this school, as quite interested.

ta2h Mon 01-Feb-10 08:51:21

My daughter is in year 8 and is so happy there. The school is wonderful; kind & caring with an emphasis on self discipline. One of the best decisions we ever made.

Rindercella Mon 01-Feb-10 08:59:05

I take my 2 yo DD there for swimming classes every week. I know a few people who have been there too.

It seems a lovely school. The pupils appear friendly & polite. I haven't heard any bad things about it. However, we are going to send DD to the Carrdus school and then hopefully Tudor Hall as we believe these to be the best options for her locally.

Flowertop Mon 01-Feb-10 18:12:40

Thanks both for your comments and great to hear ta2h that your DD is there! Does she board. Is there an even split between boarders and day? Any info you can give will be appreciated.

ta2h Mon 01-Feb-10 22:02:44

She is a weekly boarder. There are about 17 girl boarders and about 25 boys. So a small percentage. The girls' house is a complete mix of ages, which is great as they really look out for each other. It also means that they mix with a different crowd in the evenings than during the day.
The teaching seems to be really good. There is extra support for dyslexia as well as for gifted students; they cater well for everyone. I was a little unsure when we made the choice as she is fairly bright and got a place at Oxford High, but after her trial day there she was like a different child. So we chose Sibford.
We go up to the school for evening events when we can (any excuse to visit her!) and we are always made to feel so welcome.
If you have more questions let me know!

tkny Tue 05-May-15 13:43:05

Hi - did you end up sending your child to Sibford? I've just looked at it for my dd (9) for year 7 entry as she's severely dyslexic but I liked the fact that, whilst the school has 1/3 of pupils with SEN (mainly dyslexia), it has a 'mainstream feel' with competitive sport and a good mix of genders. Many of the specialist dyslexic schools I've investigated are mainly populated by boys. I'd have to send her boarding, which is putting me off a little, but I really got a good feel about the school. Any further feedback appreciated. ��

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