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Ofsted has failed the school, but parents are happy with it - which opinion to go by?

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emkana Wed 06-Jul-05 09:38:40

That's it, really - my friend's a bit worried because her boy is going to a primary school which has just failed Ofsted - but all the parents seem to be quite happy - so how important is the Ofsted opinion?

Caligula Wed 06-Jul-05 09:43:17

What are the parents like?

I'd always go by the parents' opinions, unless the parents were people whose opinions I believed to be so unreliable that even Ofsted was more trustworthy!

wilfulwife Wed 06-Jul-05 09:46:09

my ds started at school 2 yrs ago at a school which had failed and been put on special measures,but parents seemed happy and it seems to have been the making of the school,it has been given lots of help etc and my ds is doing well and he is quite a high achieving child.HTH.

Tommy Wed 06-Jul-05 09:55:28

if the parents are happy with the school then hopefully they will be very supportive in trying to improve things. I would say that it's a good position to be in. I taught in a school which received a satisfactory OFSTED but there was no way I would have sent my own children there.

FIMAC1 Wed 06-Jul-05 09:56:42

What were the specific reasons it failed? and what is the schools plan to remedy them?

batters Wed 06-Jul-05 10:25:17

Agree with the others emkana - what did Ofsted fail the school on? If everything, then yes, it is a worry, but if a few specific points then perhaps not so bad.

The school opposite me received a failing report from Ofsted, challenged it and won (FWIW). The final report was still very negative though. Within 2 years the school appears to have completely turned around - a glowing Ofsted report, great SATs results etc. It does make me wonder how appropriate Ofsted reports sometimes are.

emkana Wed 06-Jul-05 19:45:09

Thanks for your answers.
The school was criticized in many areas - leadership, teaching, curriculum...
And it already had a bad Ofsted five years ago, but failed to improve much since then.
A new headteacher is starting in September, maybe that will help.

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