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i hate parents evening

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Tortington Tue 05-Jul-05 20:39:41

its no negative.
maths teacher said " no doubt i will say the same as all the other teachers, custykid talks too much"
we waited ther was an uncomfotable pause
"thats it" she said

the art teacher f*cked off couldnt be arsed waiting for the appointment we made and we were earlier than the appointment - an appointment she asked for btw

the science teacher said custykid was disorganised - i kept waiting for the 'but' y'know like "but hes ded good at ...." nope

pe teacher said disorganised doesnt try. at this point i was seriously fucked off with the negative and piped up
" she liked javelin..she mentioned she did"
" oh yes so helpful showing the other gilrs etc etc etc..."

if my kids get the overwhelming negative attitude day after day they really do have no incentive.

english teacher was nice constructive - you know quite capable should try harder bright but lets herself down kind of thing - i don't mind that.

it was pants. i know my kids are pants at school i just wish i could go to another mum and say <insert on of three custykids names here> is really good at < insert any school subject here>

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