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Calling MN teachers (in scotland if poss)

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ja9 Sun 03-Jul-05 19:30:49

I was employed by a school for most of the last academic year (until end of March). I did not teach again until the last week of june when i did 2 days supply. My question is, when will i move up onto the next point on the payscale? August?

I heard that you have to complete a 'required minimum' of teaching days in a year to move up a payscale- but i dont know how to find out what that minimum is.
I've had a look on the TES and GTC website, but to no avail...

Doddle Sun 03-Jul-05 19:36:27

I didn't move up the payscale last year because i only work 50%. I have done this year because i've done 2 years at 50%. I work in England though. Try the NUT website, they're usually quite good for things like this.

homemama Mon 04-Jul-05 10:06:48


bee3 Mon 04-Jul-05 10:20:23

Certainly in England you need to have worked for 26 weeks out of the academic year to progress onto the next pay point (doesn't have to be whole weeks, but equivalent of 26 weeks in days). See here
so, if you worked from Sept 04 - March 05, then 2 days in June I would imagine you've covered the required time, and would go up a point from 01/09/2005. Scotland may be different, so not conclusive I'm afraid. HTH

bee3 Mon 04-Jul-05 10:32:25

This is the main Scottish Teachers' Union website, so you may find more specific guidance there.

mears Mon 04-Jul-05 10:43:46

this supply teachers in Scotland forum could help

ja9 Mon 04-Jul-05 14:14:21

bee3 - ur first link is exactly the kind of info i'm after... but i cant find the equivalent for scotland.

anyone else?

bee3 Tue 05-Jul-05 13:10:58

I love a challenge! Right. Have a look here and scroll down to
SNCT-35 - Salary Placement on to the Main Grade Salary Scale (paragraphs 9 - 16) HTH

ja9 Tue 05-Jul-05 20:23:29

bee3 - thank you so so so much!!!!!!


I will print it off and politley place it under the noses of people at my LEA.

Thanks again.

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