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If your child did voluntary SATS tests this year {yr 3,4,5} Do you get to find out the results?

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RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Jul-05 17:38:35

If your child did voluntary SATS tests this year {yr 3,4,5} Do you get to find out the results?

If so did the school give them to you easily or did you have to fight to get them?

DS is Year 5 atm and we NEVER know what his are

obviously in Year 2 and 6 you find them out

But at kangaboy's school they do ALL the voluntary tests but we never get the results


kid Sat 02-Jul-05 17:42:07

Year 5 at our school will be receving their results on Thursday. The teacher is delighted with them and wants to share the results with them!
Not sure the parents are actually informed but there is nothing stopping the children from telling.

My DD is in year 1 and I know she did a maths test. No idea how she got on though (despite working in the school).

RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Jul-05 17:45:36

That is good kid

They have already marked them

BUT we will not be told the results we never are. DS isn't told either.

RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Jul-05 17:46:24

I do know that SATS are NOT important btw.

BUT still want to know them anyway


kid Sat 02-Jul-05 18:02:27

Next year, I will be working in DD's class, so let them try and stop me seeing all test results

I don't make a fuss over tests, I just tell her to try her best and I will be happy.

RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Jul-05 18:17:07

we just think we would like some indication of how DS has improved during the last year

We don't get it

If they said yes he is at XXXX level at the end of one year and then the next year say he is at level XXXX + 1 the next then we can think yes he has improved

or if he is still at XXXX then maybe we should be concerned

It is the secrecy of it that makes us angry

rather than not getting the results exactly

They are being OFSTEDED next week and at the meeting it was one of the main concerns

BTW DH is a teacher at secrondary level in private school and he has to tell the parents ALL the results.

RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Jul-05 18:18:42

I don't actually care about SATS cos they are for the school rather than the children

BUT we want more info on DS about the procress during year and SATS are one way of finding that out

Doddle Sat 02-Jul-05 18:23:03

We put them on the child's report where I teach, and they also do this at the school DS1 and DS2 attend.

RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Jul-05 18:26:51

I wish they would do that with DS

They did in Year 2 with "real" sats

Why can't they now <<< frustrated RTKM >>>

SueW Sat 02-Jul-05 18:32:44

Yes, I think so!

DD is Y3. We got an end of year report yesterday with 'National Curriculum Level' and a figure or figure and letter next to English, Maths and Reading IIRC which I presume is their Y3 SATS result as they took the tests just before half term. It corresponds with where I'd expect DD to be i.e. better than last year.

RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Jul-05 18:33:50

sounds like it

homemama Sat 02-Jul-05 19:11:33

Most schools give them out with the reports or at least tell parents verbally at parents evening.
However, they are not statutory tests. Schools don't need to do them let alone give parents the results. I know this isn't much help but unfortunately it's true.
Also, (and I know this is cynical) as they are the exact same test paper every year, some less scrupulous (sp?) teachers teach to the tests each year and this produces false results.
The school should at least tell you how your child has improved over the last year.

happymerryberries Sat 02-Jul-05 19:13:39

The KS3 tests change eveny year and I'm sure the KS2 one do too

Doddle Sat 02-Jul-05 19:15:47

No, the KS2 literacy test has been the same for about 4 years!! (And it's awful, very confusing writing task).

happymerryberries Sat 02-Jul-05 19:17:08

That is very interesting! You learn soemthing new every day on MN!

The KS3 tests in science are different every year

homemama Sat 02-Jul-05 19:18:05

HMB, the optionals (Y3,4 &5) have only changed onec since SATS began.
Until 2004, we were doing a test which was written pre numeracy strategy and bore no relation to what, say, a Y4 child had learned throughout the year!

RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Jul-05 19:18:37

we have never ever been told them

it is not really just the numbers we want it is an idea of what has improved and what hasn't

reports are just so wishy washy I do realise that everyone has to be PC and diplomatic

homemama Sat 02-Jul-05 19:20:21

Obviously the satutory tests KS1 (Y2) and KS2 (Y6) change every year. otherwise i'd imagine lots of naughty things going on in schools up and down the country

RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Jul-05 19:21:39

Have just asked DS if he did the same tests last year

ie did the same maths, comprehension etc.

He said no why would* they?

happymerryberries Sat 02-Jul-05 19:22:03

Ahhh the penny drops, so the Ks2 'real' sats are new, but not the practice ones?

homemama Sat 02-Jul-05 19:25:52

He wont have done the same tests. Every year, year 5 will do the same test.
Go into school and ask to know which level he's on. Ask what he's predicted to get at Y6. They should tell you this. Say you want to get him some help at home and you need to know were to start.
Good luck

RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Jul-05 19:26:09

But DS seems sure they were different test papers

Anyway that ought to make it easier to give improvment mark

How can you give same paper to class 3 and class 5 for MATHS?????????/

homemama Sat 02-Jul-05 19:27:42

These are optional SATS produced by government for tracking purposes.

RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Jul-05 19:28:31

Oh I see

<< DIM >>

They won't tell us we have asked

well last year we did

They don't approve of home help tutors etc.

Although we have got a tutor for DS for maths and not told them cos there is such a huge gap in maths between DS school and DH school

homemama Sat 02-Jul-05 19:29:17

They will be different. Your DS will do the Y4 one in Y4 and the Y5 one in Y5 but the test he has taken this year will be the exact same test sat by last years Y5. Teachers have them in big box in cupboard.

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