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How much do your school day trips cost?

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Celia2 Fri 01-Jul-05 21:30:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lucycat Fri 01-Jul-05 21:31:26

Where too? £17 seems steep, although us on the PTA do subsidise a fair few trips to keep the costs down!

zebraZ Fri 01-Jul-05 21:32:26

ds1 is only reception, has only been on 1 day trip, think it was just £2-£3. We are outside the SEast, though, and I don't think most people would pay more than £4 max.

Was £17 a day trip? Primary school child? Where was it to?

coppertop Fri 01-Jul-05 21:32:28

£10 seems to be about the average . Ds1 is in Reception.

gigglinggoblin Fri 01-Jul-05 21:33:33

my kids are going to a local wildlife centre, that is costing £7.50. they also went to the cinema for free, and to the theatre for about £6 (they walked to the cinema and theatre and they were both subsidised). i think it depends where they go. our school is in a depreived area so they try to keep costs down - doesnt stop a lot of mums complaining tho!

Doddle Fri 01-Jul-05 21:33:40

Our trips vary from free to £13, the latter being for the end of year bash to Chessington. We do live in London though, which means that transport is usually free and most of the big museums and galleries have free educational workshops.

Hermione1 Fri 01-Jul-05 21:34:11

we have beenb asked for a voluntary contribution of £5, probably because we live in a deprived area,

blondehelen Fri 01-Jul-05 21:34:43

My dd has a school trip on Monday with a voluntary contribution of £11.20. Some of the other school mums and I thought that was a bit steep. Guess we should consider ourselves lucky. BTW it is to The Museum of Kent Life cos I suppose it depends on where they go

whymummy Fri 01-Jul-05 21:34:58

it's usually £5 in our school but dd is in reception and a trip to odds farm last week was £10

roisin Sat 02-Jul-05 10:05:05

£10 is about average for us, but they are quality trips, and worth every penny.

I was surprised and delighted this week to realise that ds1's 2-night/3-day residential is only costing £35!!!

jennifersofia Sat 02-Jul-05 10:07:17

We were wondering if £4 was too much to ask the children in my class for a school trip - but it is in a deprived area. £17 sounds very expensive.

Yorkiegirl Sat 02-Jul-05 10:08:57

Message withdrawn

Celia2 Sat 02-Jul-05 20:21:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Miaou Sat 02-Jul-05 20:41:41

My two have been on a couple of school trips this year but not had to pay anything. One was a day trip down to Edinburgh with a visit to the Science Museum and the Dynamic Earth exhibition, all free. We are in Scotland though; not sure if that makes a difference.

£17 each would severely affect us in terms of budget - tbh that would be VERY hard to find!

nutcracker Sat 02-Jul-05 20:56:36

The last trip Dd1 went on was to a theme park and the total was about £16 which I didn't mind as I know it is at least £10 to get into the theme park.

The trip before that was to Shugbrough Hall and TBH i think alot of the parents felt ripped off on that occasion as entry was only about £3 and we eneded up paying £11.

I think they should send a list out with the letters telling you exactly what you are paying for.
Our letters also always say that if you canot afford the full amount a voluntary contribution can be made. I think that is wrong as some of the parents that can full well afford it only then pay the deposit and don't bother with the larger remaining amount.

I can't afford it but will always pay the full price.

homemama Sun 03-Jul-05 08:25:54

It's probably the coach that's costing so much. Often trips cost £10 or £12 when the admission is only £2. The rest is to cover the coach. During summer term, some coach companies almost double their prices!

swedishmum Sun 03-Jul-05 10:51:13

Children in rural areas round here really suffer because the coach costs are ridiculous, particularly if a small class doesn't fill the whole coach (smaller coaches can cost the same as full sized ones to hire). The time taken out of the curriculum for short trips also gets to be unreasonable because of the journey time (eg swimming).
It always seems particularly hard on the parents of twins.

bigdonna Sun 03-Jul-05 18:22:11

both my children are gonig on school trips soon my son is going to london zoo this costing £11.50,i thought this is reasonable as they have to hire a coach too.My daughter is going to the polka theatre in wimbledon they will take the tram which is free this is costing £10.00.Nearly every month they have a letter saying someone is coming into school to tell them about something normally costing £3-£ was a toy workshop last month.

daisy1999 Sun 03-Jul-05 18:33:02

about £7 - £17 seems a bit steep

serenity Sun 03-Jul-05 20:32:30

bigdonna - my DS2 is going to London Zoo in a couple of weeks too. It's going to cost £8.50 which is for the coach as entry to London Zoo is free for school parties (according to the letter we got anyway!) If you can get to wimbledon by tram, then we're generally in the same area of London.

This will be the most expensive trip we've had this year.

Ameriscot2005 Mon 04-Jul-05 16:53:51

At DDs' school (state primary) the day trips usually cost in the region of £5 - £7. In my DSs' school (prep), they are usually around £12-15

bigdonna Mon 04-Jul-05 22:36:21

hi serenity,yes my son gos on the 18th of july we live near mitcham tram where are you?.

serenity Mon 04-Jul-05 23:24:41

Hey our DSs can wave at each other then as DS2 is going on the 18th too! We're in Streatham btw, so just down the road.

anteater Mon 04-Jul-05 23:52:30

Ds and dd going on a steam train, round an aquarium and on a boat trip this Thursday for £14 inc lunch, good value I thought...

Linnet Tue 05-Jul-05 00:12:03

dd1's school trip last week was £5.50, they went to a country park.

Last year her school trip was £5 and she was sick and didn't get to go and I'd already paid.

£17 is a lot for a trip IMO. But then I'm in Scotland not London so maybe that has a bearing on prices.

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