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Bedtime Stories - what age did you start?

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Magscat Thu 30-Jun-05 20:45:45

DD is only 6 months and we show her books and 'read' a bit during the day but bedtime at the moment is bath then feed then spark out.

I can't remember at what age we started reading ds bedtime stories.

Just wondering what anyone else does.

FairyMum Thu 30-Jun-05 20:49:20

I think I started around 2 years with both. I don't think they had any attention span before that age.

spod Thu 30-Jun-05 20:49:43

Message deleted

Pinotmum Thu 30-Jun-05 20:55:39

We atarted at around 12 months but ds didn't sit still and listen till about 18 months.

Nemo1977 Thu 30-Jun-05 20:58:08

from around 4/5mths

Magscat Thu 30-Jun-05 21:01:04

I guess they just need to be old enough to be happy lying/sitting there awake. DD doesn't sleep much in the day (sometimes less than an hour) so she's usually zonked by bedtime - still, she's a bit young yet - I'm just looking forward to being able to cuddle up & read to both kids.

vicdubya Thu 30-Jun-05 21:01:51

Started properly around 9-10 months. DS now 15 months.

DS happy to have 15 mins worth now - sits and helps turn pages, points to things etc etc.

I do them before his bath, but when I stop feeding him before bed I am going to change that to after bath before bed.

He has a story before nap time as well to wind him down.

Fave books at the mo are the "Where's That Monkey/Duck/etc" (got them in ELC - they have 3 for 2 on books atm).

giraffeski Thu 30-Jun-05 21:02:27

Message withdrawn

hana Thu 30-Jun-05 21:10:16

hi magscat
what about a time during the day when she's happy and content, maybe before her naps? dd2 sits on my lap at bedtime with her older sister most nights and she gets the first couple of books, I haven't yet read her any of dd1's old baby books yet though, its fitting it all in, isnt it?!

Magscat Thu 30-Jun-05 21:16:18

Hi Hana - yes, fitting it all in is a problem especially as I'm back at work and so most nights it's a rush to get home, have some food, spend some time with ds & then it's time to put dd to bed.

I do sit & show her books when I can but at the moment she just wants to grab them & preferably gum them to bits (not popular with ds when she gets his books !). She doesn't seem to want to listen yet unless I'm making ridiculous animal noises - especially 'eek eek' like a mouse - makes her chuckle.

It's not something I'm worried about - it was just bugging me that I couldn't remember when I started with ds but had a feeling it was early on. Maybe not 6 months though.

mummylonglegs Thu 30-Jun-05 21:35:44

Message deleted

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