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feedback Good or Bad: 2 x Internations Schools

(5 Posts)
madroo Thu 10-Dec-09 19:30:36

Hi to all,

I am an Aussie living in Paris these past 3 years with hubbie and kids (11 an 8). We will be moving to London next summer, or possibly earlier.

Anyway, I have been busy stressing/researching about schools. We will have one in primary and 1 in first year secondary school. We are going to put the kids into an International School for a variety of reasons. I have read the Good Schools Guide summaries of the schools we are interested but I can't seem to find any recent online discussions of either of them.

They are:

*North London International School* (formerly Woodside Pk) Barnet Lane London N11 3LX

*International School of London* Gunnersbury Park

These 2 schools place hubbie on the ride side of London for commutes etc.

Anyway does anyone have any feedback, good or bad about either of these schools? I am happy to hear feedback from friends of friends of friends. I just want to see if there are any potential issues I should be aware of before I meet with these schools next week.

Thanks for any feedback or advice that may come my way.

PS>On a different note, I am a mad keen (and tall) netballer so hope to find a good bunch of ladies to play with next year....anyway, that's a different matter so don't want to highjack my own thread grin

Bonsoir Sun 13-Dec-09 17:02:01

My sister, whose children (aged 11, 8 and 5) are currently at the International School of Amsterdam and were previously at the International School of Madrid, is intending to send them to the International School of London when she and her DH return to the UK next year or the year after. My sister is a very demanding parent, her children are all very able and multilingual and I have every confidence that she has researched all possible school options to death made a well informed choice!

MammyT Wed 16-Dec-09 22:32:02

The primary school for the North London International School (up to 11) is in Woodside Park and I've just realised that the secondary school is in Friern Barnet. Given the ages of your kids, would the split campus present problems?

The primary school is beside me and there seems to be a lot of children of diplomats in the school. Almost all come by car, so I guess the catchment area is very wide.

creditcrunched Fri 18-Dec-09 10:44:43

I live in Hornsey and know of two boys who go to the international school (secondary level). Vey happy with the school. I think it would be fine but don't expect your dc to have local friends as the children come from all over north london.

ici711 Wed 24-Aug-16 12:41:00

Hi, We' re planning to send our children to school in Amsterdam. We are currently looking at the British School of the Netherlands (Hague), second choice British school of Amsterdam. i have a boy age 12 and girl age 10. They are currently studying in British international school in Malaysia. We are planning to moving to Amsterdam for the school next year september 2017/2018. Can you please advise on these two school or can you suggest any other school?. Thanks

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