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Are you a Teaching Assistant?

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emmatmg Sat 25-Jun-05 16:15:01

I'll be starting a course in October to train as one and was wondering what to expect.

The course is only 1 morning a week for 32 weeks so is ideal for me/us and we've only got B&SIL locally to help out(have already asked SIL and she's really happy to help) and as DH will be here for alternate weeks I'll only have to ask SIL to help out fortnightly.

It's bloody perfect

I love to hear from any MNettters who are already in the job.


blueteddy Sat 25-Jun-05 16:21:20

I am a teaching assistant & have been doing it for years!
I am working in year 2 ATM, but have also done a lot of work in reception & a little in yr1 & yr3.
Have not moved any higher than yr3 yet though.
I trained as a nursery nurse, so have an NNEB qualification.
I love the job & it fits in perfectly with the children.

blueteddy Sat 25-Jun-05 16:25:22

What kinds of things would you like to know about the job emmatmg?

emmatmg Sat 25-Jun-05 16:27:15

That's part of the reason I'm doing it BT.

As we only have B&SIL close by it would be impossible to arrange childcare during holiday so I've been scratching my head for a while to think of something to do that is term time only.

Nursery nursing was the original plan but there isn't a course that I can do that is very local, the teaching assistant one is in my local town hall in the high street, about 10 minutes walk away and SIL's house is on the way.

The course is a NVQ level 2 for people like me coming into it with no experience. I'll then do level 3 after at a later date.


emmatmg Sat 25-Jun-05 16:28:45

sorry X posts.

Just really what you do?

is it sitting mostly with the children helping them out or do you have a role planning the day with the teacher?

Any info on how your day goes would be great.

blueteddy Sat 25-Jun-05 16:32:58

Sounds great!
I wouldn't reccomend the NNEB course really, especially when you have young children, as it was pretty heavy going!
I started the NNEB training when I was 17, because I knew I wanted to do some kind of work with children & found from my placements that I liked the school work best.
Loads of people dropped out of the course because they found it too much & TBH you don't really need it for school work ( I think I am the only one at my school with it)
Your course sounds perfect to me & once you are actually in the job you will no doubt be sent on loads more courses!

emmatmg Sat 25-Jun-05 16:38:22

When I saw the course in the colleg mag with it's details and location I thought I phone SIl straight away and ask her if she could help out but I was so excited I couldn't remeber her telephone number!!!

I stood there for about 10 with completely blank mind. I even looked through mine and DH's mobile for the number!
It would have been quicker for me to walk to her house and ask her in person

emmatmg Sat 25-Jun-05 16:39:35

sorry about typos, getting all excited again

I can type and spell, honest!!

blueteddy Sat 25-Jun-05 16:40:13

x posts here too!
Depends which year group you work with, but you normally work with groups of children to assist them with whatever work they happen to be doing at the time.
The class teacher shows me her plans so that I know what we doing each day.
I tend to help the less able children a lot as well, as they need a little extra input.
When I get a spare minute I also hear children read, as well as putting up wall displays etc.
I first started working in a school in 1991, so I have been doing it a while now!
When I was working in reception it was more observation based.
I have just recently started doing this PPA time on a Tuesday afternoon.

blueteddy Sat 25-Jun-05 16:40:57

emmatmg Sat 25-Jun-05 16:42:02

PPA time?

sorry, not up on the technical terms yet....

blueteddy Sat 25-Jun-05 16:44:33

It is basically where you cover the class while the teacher does some planning.
The teacher plans the lesson & I just follow it.
I am really enjoying it & you get double pay 4 the hours you cover the class!

emmatmg Sat 25-Jun-05 16:46:49

WOW, that sound great. I'd love that.

I know this is a personal question but would you mind telling me what you earn?

please tell me to mind my own business if you want.

blueteddy Sat 25-Jun-05 16:47:51

I also only work 20 hrs a week, so I get Monday & Friday pm's off, which is perfect for me.

blueteddy Sat 25-Jun-05 16:49:54

The money is not that wonderful really, but it is because I don't do many hours & have lots of holiday off.
I earn just under £7,000 a year I think, although the PPA money will bumf it up a bit!

blueteddy Sat 25-Jun-05 16:50:49

I am happy with it though, as you don't have all the planning & stress that the class teacher has!

emmatmg Sat 25-Jun-05 16:54:39

£7000 seems like tonnes to me at the moment so I'll be most happy with that

Is PPA time only for TA's that have been trained for x amount of time?

Obviously it would be a very long way off for me but that really does sound great.

blueteddy Sat 25-Jun-05 16:59:41

No not at all!
The reason that I have only just started doing it is because it is a pretty new thing.
Our school have only just started doing it & there are 2 TA's that have only been in the job a year or so that are also covering classes.
Have you ever volunteered to help out in your ds's school?
It is a very good way of getting your feet in the door & a lot of our TA's have started out this way & then got employed!

emmatmg Sat 25-Jun-05 17:14:41

DS3 is only 21 months atm so it's abit hard to work around DH's shifts and do voluntary stuff.

I will do though, I just need to pull my finger out and sort something all out with his shifts.

On monday I will ask for the police checks to be done so that I can start the ball rolling.

Oooooh, i'm really really excited.

emmatmg Sat 25-Jun-05 17:15:38

"something/us all out" that should be.


golds Sat 25-Jun-05 17:23:05

Interesting thread as I am contemplating this too, I already help out in my ds reception class on a friday a.m and really enjoy it, just about to start a job as a lunch time supervisor at our Juniors so that will keep me ticking over financially until I complete the course.

I was a bit put off though regarding the essay writing etc.. is it easy ? recp teacher as already offered me her support, just need a kick up the bum to enrole now.

If I do, do it, maybe we can give each other a bit of support emmatmg ?

emmatmg Sat 25-Jun-05 17:31:32

definataly Golds. It would be great to compare notes over the course duration.

We could have a graduation party and everything

blueteddy Sat 25-Jun-05 17:46:04

Good luck with it girls, it is a great job!
It is like being a teacher without all the stress of planning etc!
It is also great having the long summer holidays with the kids.

emmatmg Sat 25-Jun-05 17:50:23

You've been very helpful, blueteddy and have helped me really make my mind up to do it ASAP (I was concidering doing it next yr when ds3 was abit older)

So, golds, you gonna do it then?

come on, you know you to!!

Rainbow Sat 25-Jun-05 17:53:00

I am an LSA in a primary school. Trained as a nursery nurse first but agree with blueteddy, you don't need it. Term time fits in with DSs and I love working with children. Moneys not terrific but it's amazing the job satifaction you get when you look back particular children and what they have achieved over the course of the year. Teachers haven't got the time to spent with individual children, thats where we come in. I love my job and I won't be changing it in a hurry.

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