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Swanbourne House School, Bucks - Any opinions

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bgt Mon 23-Nov-09 22:28:30

Am looking at this school for my little boy. Opinions would be appreciated!

Flowertop Wed 25-Nov-09 18:09:47

Hi bgt know of Swanbourne quite well as know of parents who use. The feedback i have had is that the preprep is excellent but they do push the prep students quite hard. There is Saturday school and the pupils are expected to board although it does indicate that this is flexible - I think they like the boarders!
An academic, confident child should do well. LLet me know if you have specific questions and I will do my best to get more feedback.
I know of two parents who have recently pulled their children out of the prep school bbecuase they were being pushed too hard!

bgt Thu 26-Nov-09 07:32:47

Hi. It's hard to know what's for the best. We visited the school and were very impressed. My little boy won't start till jan 2011, he will be nearly 3. I lived the nursery and ore prep but didn't look too much into the rest of the school.

The parents who pulled their children out, had they been there a while?

We are looking at this school as we don't really have a decent state primary near us, the couple we do have are over subscribed :-(

Flowertop Thu 26-Nov-09 08:58:29

Yes the parents who left had started in preprep and have nothing but praise for this area. I think may be they realised that the school was not for them longer term. Have you ideas where you would go from there at 13?

shubh Sun 13-Jul-14 16:50:21

I know this opinion was made in 2009 !
2014 -
Anyone with any views on this topic, i am seriously considering this school for my 2 kids.

bgt - did u put your child in this school?

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