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Ive put in for a transfer for ds!

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invisiblegirl Mon 20-Jun-05 16:52:34

Ive been to see a school today which I would like ds to go to. Ive posted previously about bullying and the way the school as a whole deal with these things (or not) plus generally Im not happy with the current school. This would mean a transfer in September as ds is going into year 4. It would also mean that he leaves his friends at his old school and makes new ones. He is quite a shy and quiet boy and now Im worried in case Im pushing him into something. He originally said he wouldnt go but a financial award has helped him change his mind ! (wants to buy rabbit and stuff). The school Ive just been to has brilliant results, is bright and airy and larger than the current one. They have a brilliant IT suite and interactive whiteboards in all the classrooms. They learn languages from year 3 (German, then French then Spanish) as the school they feed is a language college (dd goes to that one). They have a place for him and I've delivered the transfer form to the LEA this afternoon too, so could be offered a place within the next day or two. Please assure me im doing the right thing.

homemama Mon 20-Jun-05 19:04:47

The new school sounds fab. Ultimately, you've got to do what's right for your child. He may be a little anxious to start with but I'm sure he'll be ok in the long run and he'll benefit from all the exciting resources.
Go for it - but let his new teacher know the history so she can help him fit in by encouraging the other kids to show him around etc.
Hope he settles well!

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