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Nedds some advice what to do next????

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tinkerbell1906 Mon 09-Nov-09 18:29:40

I have 3 children 1 of which is at high school. My problem is that 1 of his teachers is renting a room out with my current b/f. I heard that she has been discussing my son with my b/f telling him things that i didnt feel to be appropriate about my sons education. (he is not the father of my child)
I have taken it up with the school which they spoke to the teacher in question and have tried to assure me that this was a one off incident which will not happen again.
I have not spoken to the teacher outside school as i thought that her behaviour outside school was unexceptable so decided that i would only go through the school. I have requested an appology from the teacher however i have not recieved or had it acknowledged by the school. I am wondering if i should not leave it as it is as the school has reuested but am greatly concerned what information has been given out and if in fact that it will happen again. Wondering what to do ...please help xx

kcartyparty Mon 09-Nov-09 23:24:26

It is very unprofessional, and am sure against school policy, to discuss students in this way to anyone outside the school.

If you feel the school or the teacher have not taken your concerns seriously I would phone the council and ask to speak to the Education welfare department.

Tell them of your concerns. You should ideally meet the teacher personally at a meeting with a member of the EWD there.

Don't back down. You have every right to an apology from this woman

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