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Relocation and reception school place

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scrappydappydoo Mon 09-Nov-09 10:26:10

I posted this in property but thought I might get some help here as well..
We're considering relocating to Wokingham area possibly Feb/March time. DD1 is due to start reception in Sept 2010 and I'm unsure about how to go about sorting out a school for her...
Do I find a house first and then try and find a school nearby with spaces?
Or find a school we like and then try and find a house in catchment area but even then might not get a space because its oversubscribed..
I realise if she was entering any other year it would be case of ringing a school and seeing if they have space in her year but as we are moving around the time they allocate reception places (after application deadline)its all a bit confusing.
How do i find what schools are generally oversubscribed??
I'm terrified of getting this wrong and messing up dds education - I have applied to good school.

Littlefish Mon 09-Nov-09 21:51:37

You cannot apply for a place at a school until you have an address/are resident in the area.

You say that you are planning to move in March (ish). I think that most LEA's have a deadline of November-December for applications for Reception, but you would need to check this with the Berkshire? LEA.

I think that you will probably have to take a risk and move in March and then try and find a school which has spaces.

MumNWLondon Tue 10-Nov-09 23:31:13

Maybe you can find a house to rent a few weeks in advance? Once you have signed the rental contract you may be able to apply for a place.

So I would find a school I liked, find out the deadline date and make sure I had secured a house as close to school as possible by that date (even if perhaps you hadn't moved in as by the time they check you will have moved in).

Some deadlines are as late as Feb, others in December....

Otherwise will have to take a risk and move and then find school which has spaces.

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