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What would you expect to see in an infant room?

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delphinedownunder Sun 08-Nov-09 03:43:45

i am trying to persuade my headteacher to stump up some readies to improve my classroom, which is looking very tired. What activities/ equipment/ fixtures and fittings would you want to see in your child's classroom?

CheerfulYank Sun 08-Nov-09 03:46:24

Swings, board books, bulletin boards with art, baby sign language cards, soft clean toys, rattles, lots of gentle caregivers!

CheerfulYank Sun 08-Nov-09 03:46:44

CD player for music

delphinedownunder Sun 08-Nov-09 03:50:25

Whoops - we may be misunderstanding my use of the word infant here. I mean young school aged children - aged 5, 6 and 7.

CheerfulYank Sun 08-Nov-09 03:56:20

oh yes, we are Our infant rooms here are for newborn to young toddlers.

In THAT case: science kits, board games, books, puzzles, art materials, sensory tables...when I worked in a room with these ages the biggest hit was the karoke machine

savoycabbage Sun 08-Nov-09 06:23:07

Kitchen, dressing up, water/sand tray, writing area, easels, farm, interactive white board that is not three feet off the ground.

There is NOTHING of this sort in my 5 year olds classroom in Australia. No learning through play at all. sad

sarah293 Sun 08-Nov-09 07:59:08

Message withdrawn

katylou25 Sun 08-Nov-09 08:41:41

Lots of construction type toys, computers, listening station - tape/cd player which takes multiple headphones, role play area - kitchen, workbench etc to be rotated with relevant dressing up etc, sand/water/other tactile play, lots of different craft activities to be rotated, appealing reading corner - books in easy to see shelves, comfy cushions/chairs to sit on

Littlefish Sun 08-Nov-09 21:11:11

Lots of mirrors.

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