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choosing a school - primary over 2ndry

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mabmum Sun 08-Nov-09 03:02:59

Help! I am in a pickle. My DS (year 1) goes to a fab primary school (3 miles away) but rumour has it that admission criteris for the really good state secondary just down the road are changing to put feeder schools as same consideration as where you live. This puts us being less likely to get our children in as all the primary places will be allocated. I am applying for my DD in next few days for next year and obviously want her to go to same school as DS but am I putting all my eggs in one basket? Local primary not so good but ok but I watch others pulling their kids out from other, better primaries in order to get their kids in place for feeder school for secondary even though we live closer. It is 4 years or so before we will apply for secondary but do
I sit tight and hope that admission criteria changes or that we risk it and hope we get in or do I transfer DS (who is very settled at primary and also a bit anxious about changes anyway so would take ages to settle) to local primary in hope that he gets a place at the secondary in 4-5 yrs time? At least if I make changes now then DS won't get messed about.But I do feel happy with current school and who is to say that admission criteria won't change again. Other secondaries are appauling close by though. What do you think? Advice please.

Runoutofideas Sun 08-Nov-09 07:38:26

My gut reaction would be to leave him where he is and start your dd in the same primary, then keep an eye on what's going on over the next few years with a view to maybe moving ds to a feeder school in a few years time. By this time he may be more able to cope with change and you may have a clearer idea of whether they are likely to move he goal posts again. The downside is that there may not be spaces in the feeder primaries, but only you can know how risky that is likely to be...

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