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school link (book people) - anyone have a contact number?

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tatt Fri 17-Jun-05 15:47:36

the childrens schhol doesn't do this scheme and I'm feeling deprived. The school link website doesn't seem to work - anyone have a contact number/ new website? I've e-mailed the book people but suspect mumsnet can give me better advice on how to persuade a school to set this up

roisin Fri 17-Jun-05 22:34:02

Lesley Sinton, Outbound School Link Manager
on 0870 240 5678 or Extension 1131/ 01942 868131

This is what she sent me in an email, followed by a pack of stuff with all the details for school:

The main benefits are as follows
huge discounts on all books up to 85%
* 10% commission on all orders
* option of delivery direct to home address of parents
* orders are bagged with each pupils name and classroom for ease
* if refunds are due , refund direct to parent
* low administration
* delivery 5-7 days
* free posters and marketing material, prepaid returns envelopes
* one brochure 5 times per year
* books for all age ranges -baby - adult
* Free books for each £100 spent
* £5 voucher on registering
Plus many more benefits to the school,


tatt Sat 18-Jun-05 08:59:37

brilliant. I knew you'd be better than the book people, they have sent me a phone number but nothing else

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