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Does your child go into school on "transport";?

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Fio2 Thu 16-Jun-05 16:40:26

and if so, do you regularly get impatient people pipping their horns whilst they wait for the children to get ointo the bus.

I am not annoyed (well was this morning) but i got a moutful; of abuse of a bloke because he had to wait for my daughter to get onto the bus. This isnt an isolated case either, we regularly get pippers and used to where we used to live.

Just wondered whether this happens to anyone else? and what really can we do about it? Does the world turn that quickly that you cant wait 5 minutes (max) for a child to get on a bus to school?

sparklymieow Thu 16-Jun-05 16:44:40

ooooooo we had this last year when DD1 had a taxi to mursery, someone who lived down the road was running late and she started shouting at the taxi driver 'i'm late get out of way' I just turned round and said 'my disabled daughter is going to school and if you are running late, go the other way (two ways into this street) She drove up on the pavement in the end......

Fio2 Thu 16-Jun-05 17:04:16

I just dont see the point of being so rude. i never even answered this bloke back today, just couldnt be bothered to even argue about it

Jimjams Thu 16-Jun-05 19:18:35

must have been the day for it. We got an impatient revving volvo today who whizzed off as soon as the taxi left....

Davros Thu 16-Jun-05 20:28:09

We get it sometimes and I either give them a mouthful or laugh at them, depending on my mood. I know that sometimes they don't realise but it wakes me up in the morning

Fio2 Fri 17-Jun-05 13:15:16

dont they think that kids getting to school is important

sorry glad it isnt just mebut really wish it was just me

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