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Schools in the Wetherby, West Yorkshire area?

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looandmoo Tue 03-Nov-09 20:06:36

Hi all
We are hoping to move to the Wetherby area (although we haven't yet found a house) and am trying to get organised with schools as that will dictate where we finalise to buy. Does anybody have any experience of good primary and secondary schools in the area? I have a 9 yo (year 5) and a 5 yo (year 1) and are loking to move to a 'better' area than where we are currently. I have seen a couple of reviews about bullying at Boston Spa and am quite concerned!
Please Help before we saddle ourselves with a big mortgage and worse area for education than we have currently!!!!
Thanks v much

DITDOT Tue 03-Nov-09 20:36:32

There is Wetherby High school and Boston Spa comprehensive. Both are quite similar schools and do reasonably well with regard to results. They both have specific catchment areas so you need to phone each school. I rate Boston Spa above Wetherby. Am a teacher (not at these schools)and have heard good things about BS school. Nothing bad about Wetherby but just prefer the location and ethos of BS.
I find that when visiting a school you get the feeling whether it is right or wrong for your child.
With regard to the bullying. Where did the reviews come from? Are they parents who think more should have been done and are upset? These reviews could/will be one sided and you should go with your own feelings about the school rather than others (although someone on here may have a really good well balanced view).
There are other secondary schools nearby but you would prob not be in the catchment area.
Primose primary school seems to be a very popular choice in Boston Spa.

woahwoah Tue 03-Nov-09 22:33:18

Primrose Lane or Aberford primaries are good. I wouldn't choose Bramham. For secondaries, I agree Boston Spa is prob best.

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