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BBC Hardspell

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Ailsa Wed 15-Jun-05 23:29:25

Yay!! My dd1 has been put forward by school for the regional heats.

this is the next set of spellings she has to learn

Skribble Wed 15-Jun-05 23:31:31

How old is she I would struggle with a lot of these.

Ailsa Wed 15-Jun-05 23:32:07

She'll be 11 next month. I had trouble saying a couple of them, never mind spelling them.

Skribble Wed 15-Jun-05 23:33:39

sallystrawberry Wed 15-Jun-05 23:49:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ailsa Mon 27-Jun-05 00:34:31

DD1 and 5 others did the spellings on Friday, in front of the whole school. Just like one of those American spelling bee's. She got 47 out of 50 from the list on my original post. She came 2nd, the winner got 48. The top 3 are going to the regionals.

The ones she got wrong were;


QueenOfQuotes Mon 27-Jun-05 01:06:30

wow well done Alisa Junior - good luck for the regionals!

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